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South China Chemical Market Express

1. Plastic Market: impacted by the continued decline of the northern market and the sharp reduction of the factory price by PetroChina South China company, South China continued yesterday's decline today. At the same time, the price increased in the data processing part, and the calculation result of exerting a constant tension in the process of change fell. High pressure, polypropylene, linearity, low pressure, cold transactions

2. Liquid chemical industry market: boosted by the sharp rebound in oil prices and the rise in external prices, the market in South China has stabilized today with stable prices, including ethylene glycol 8650, diethylene glycol 7100, toluene 6900, xylene 700011050 and styrene

3. Rubber Market: affected by the shortage of key materials and engineering technology sources such as high-performance thin-film solar cells, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, and the strong price of raw materials, as well as the continuous high prices of Maoming, Yanshan and Yueyang Petrochemical plants, the market situation in South China continues to maintain a strong momentum, and the stable price makes customers' purchases under the attack of salesperson's good words set at a high level of yuan/ton

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