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Nan'an power supply: adjust the layout of charging facilities to achieve a win-win situation for power supply and consumption

in order to improve the utilization rate of charging piles, recently, Chongqing Nan'an power supply company "under some circumstances, the power company will slow down 10 units in the" Nanbin special zone "community on Nanbin road. Please check whether the main motor source is turned on or whether the communication line is connected normally! All charging piles will be relocated to the location of electric patrol police vehicles in Banan District, and the layout of charging facilities will be redistributed

there are 154 discrete slow charging piles operating within the jurisdiction of Nan'an company. At present, there are problems of long charging time and low market demand for slow charging piles. In order to effectively solve the problem of low-power charging piles and improve the rate of using pulleys qb/t 3892 ⑴ 999 for pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows, shore companies such as Nanhe pressure vessel carbon fiber products with great market potential have decided to migrate the charging piles with low utilization to the areas with charging needs after evaluation and calculation

through the visits and exchanges with the government and customers, Nan'an company learned that Banan District Public Security Bureau has purchased electric patrol police cars, but how to provide a safe and convenient charging mode for these vehicles to ensure the power required by electric police cars for daily travel is still a problem. After mastering this important information, Nan'an company provided practical solutions to Banan District Public Security Bureau in a timely manner in combination with customer demands and the management of low-power charging piles

Nan'an company adjusts the supply side according to the market demand, readjusts the layout of charging facilities in Banan District in time, relocates the charging piles with low utilization, provides charging services for customers who have charging cars and have charging needs, solves the charging difficulties of some customers, and realizes a win-win situation for both power supply and consumption

as of May, Nan'an company has relocated 42 charging piles with low utilization in its jurisdiction, and another 20 are under implementation. This measure has achieved a natural increase of 315% in the electricity volume of the relocated charging piles. (Chen Yameng, Nie MAO)

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