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The 12th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2005 South China Packaging Exhibition") and the 9th China International Beer, beverage and Brewing Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2005 South China Beverage Exhibition") were successfully concluded on March 11. The four-day exhibition was held at Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in China, attracting a total of 12621 professional buyers and a number of groups to visit, making it the most important one-stop packaged beverage technology exhibition in South China

"2005 South China Packaging Exhibition/South China Beverage Exhibition" attracted a large number of domestic buyers to visit, as well as overseas buyers from 32 countries and regions to purchase new products and technologies. According to the on-site audience survey, this year, most of the audience bought homes from packaging products factories, packaging material factories and agents/distributors; The exhibits and technologies they are most interested in are packaging machinery, food/daily chemicals and pharmaceutical packaging equipment, and beverage/beer/alcohol packaging machinery and materials, reflecting that the domestic packaging market still has huge consumer demand for food, beverages, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc

there are many large food, drug and beverage factories among the buyers. Some brands include PG (Belgium), Hong Kong Nestle Co., Ltd., Carlsberg brewery, Jebsen foreign firm, Watsons group, Lee Kum Kee, Sanjiu enterprise and Sansheng liquor industry. In addition, there are also many enterprises engaged in the processing industry, such as Mr. Yao, who is the technical director of the electronic product processing company, said that he hopes to find the appropriate automatic packaging plastic machinery through the packaging exhibition, and collect the relevant prepress technology at the same time

"2005 South China Packaging Exhibition/South China Beverage Exhibition" has created more business matching between many machinery and equipment exhibitors and domestic manufacturers. More than half of the exhibitors interviewed said that the exhibition will help improve the company/product image in China, win over sales targets, promote new products and further understand the Chinese market. Manager Zhang of Shenzhen shengbaiwei, who is engaged in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and equipment, pointed out that in addition to contacting some existing customers through the exhibition, many overseas buyers came to their booth to inquire about products this year; Globegroup international enterprises, which act as agents for 3M products, participated in the "2005 South China Packaging Exhibition" for the first time. The person in charge said that he had been exposed to many Chinese food and medical manufacturers' mainboard expansion, although the signal was relatively comprehensive and the dealers believed that this was an important exhibition to enter the Chinese market and win over manufacturers in South China

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"2005 South China Packaging Exhibition/South China Beverage Exhibition" as a one-stop platform for packaging and beverage technology, gathering exhibitors from 12 countries and regions, including France and Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the United States, and then clamping the large deformation (tracker) of the tensile tester in the middle of the rubber test piece, to exhibit international level food Pharmaceutical and daily chemical packaging materials and mechanical equipment, beverage, beer and dairy technology. Well known suppliers such as Anli, kripai, Sirius, Rieckermann, Ouhua packaging, Dahe machinery, Guangzhou Dayelong, Kerui, Krones, Jianji, langmeng, sympak, domino inkjet, American weidijie, IMAS, Mettler Toledo, Jinan Languang, Shitian, maken, etc. all participated. The exhibition also received active support and participation from overseas professional associations, including the British processing and Packaging Machinery Association (ppma), and it is suggested that everyone should carefully read the instructions before using the experimental machine. The American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI) and the Italian Association of automated packaging machinery manufacturers (u.c.i.m.a.), etc

the next "2006 South China Packaging Exhibition/South China Beverage Exhibition" is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, China, in March 2006, to continue to introduce more new technologies of international packaged beverages and expand new fields of China's packaging industry

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