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South China city saw short printing industry chain

Guangdong is a major printing province. There are 15000 printing and packaging enterprises, accounting for 1/8 of the country; As many as 500000 employees, the output value accounts for 30% of the country, and the annual growth rate is 16%. According to incomplete statistics, the overseas printing output value undertaken by the Pearl River Delta region in 2004 alone has reached more than 27 billion yuan. An international printing base can use UTM test materials to judge whether the materials are suitable for some specific processing and utilization or terminal utilization, which is rising in the Pearl River Delta

Shenzhen is undoubtedly the commanding height. Its output value accounts for about 10% of the national total output value, and 19 enterprises have entered the top 100 printing enterprises in China, and occupy the top three positions, forming the characteristics of "advanced technology and equipment; mainly high-end books and periodicals, high-end and high value-added products, with half of the export output value; the packaging and decoration printing industry plays a leading role in the industry, and the publication printing enterprises are industry representatives"

however, the printing industry in Guangdong is not boundless. Li QiuGuang, President of Shenzhen printing industry association, revealed that with the rise of the mainland printing industry and the increasingly fierce competition in the printing market, small and medium-sized enterprises will usher in another round of "reshuffle" of survival of the fittest. This year, orders from the mainland have shrunk a lot, and the "North Book South printing" scene has been challenged

the printing industry survey organized by Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau "feels the pulse": most of them are small and medium-sized private enterprises, which have significant significance in reducing labor and alleviating recruitment difficulties. In addition, the technical level of enterprises is at the level of low level and low quality; Wages, land, water and electricity, rent, transportation and other costs are rising, restricting the development of enterprises, making foreign and local enterprises seek to transfer to the mainland; Industrial development is restricted by factors such as basic funds, many equipment are obsolete, and the layout of enterprises is scattered, and the upstream and downstream supporting chains are too long

but where is the latest breakthrough? Shen Zhongkang, consultant of China Printing Association, believes that the printing industry must adhere to independent innovation, integrate the supply chain, improve product quality through technological progress, reduce operating costs through logistics acceleration, and improve market competitiveness through intensive development

"in this context, '2006 South China autumn printing and packaging machinery exhibition' undoubtedly plays an important role." Liang Manlin, vice chairman of the board of directors of South China City, said that South China city has a never-ending market - printing paper packaging trading center, and enterprises from all links at home and abroad gather to form a one-stop procurement platform. This time, an exhibition was held to invite raw material manufacturers to display their high-quality products, and the mode of "sample display - market viewing - manufacturer direct sales" was implemented, so that buyers and sellers realized seamless connection

the wealth effect of "sawing" the industrial chain in South China city has already appeared. Previously, South China city had held a printing market procurement week. On the first day of the opening, Shenzhen Huade anti-counterfeiting technology company came to purchase beer machines, bronzing machines, etc.; Dongguan Dafu printing factory purchased Roland machine accessories, horse riding binding machines, printing machines, dumb powder, etc.; please rest assured that more than 40 machinery and paper merchants in the city, such as boxinghang and jinghuaxing, have successfully "dated", and both sides returned with a full load

source: Shenzhen Special Zone News

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