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South China chemical market news

1. Plastic Market: driven by the maintenance atmosphere of Maoming Petrochemical and the price increase of Maoming and Guangzhou petrochemical, as well as the enthusiasm of traders to buy and raise prices, the market in South China continues to heat up today. Traders are reluctant to sell and hoard goods, and the sentiment of pushing up the market is still strong. The market price has risen steadily by 100 yuan/ton, at 11000 linear, polypropylene 11450, low pressure 11100, high pressure 11700

2. Liquid chemical industry market: today, the market situation in South China is higher due to the shutdown and maintenance of Maoming Petrochemical Ethylene Plant. Standard experiments (4-ball experiments) can be carried out A variety of conventional tribology experiments (ball and disk experiment 50, including ethylene glycol 8800, diethylene glycol 7250, toluene 7350, xylene 745011050 and styrene.

3. Rubber Market: affected by the tense atmosphere of overhaul of Maoming Petrochemical Ethylene Plant, at the same time, traders' psychology of hoarding and reluctant to sell is strengthened, and driven by the stable price of petrochemical enterprises, the market in South China continues to stabilize, and the price changes little, at yuan/ton.

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