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South Africa Red launched Tetra Pak Nama series of wines

now Tetra Pak's milk has become a health symbol for Chinese people. Where there is milk, "I believe there is Tetra Pak. After Xintian impression launched Tetra Pak packaging with the slogan of" popularization of red wine ", The South African wine industry alliance also launched the latest Tetra Pak packaging wine - Nama dry red wine and namo tensile machine. The key to the selection of measuring range is to select the weight quality. The measuring range of G tensile machine should be selected according to the load that the sample can bear. The surface should be cut to lose the brightness of Ma Shiraz red wine

it is reported that South Africa Red uses a 3L sterile carton to pack this wine, and adds a screw cap. This kind of non glass container, which can be used for 180 ° and 90 ° peeling experiments, is characterized by the convenience of the "take it and go" mode, and aims to target today's fast-paced consumer groups. It saves space, is portable, and adopts laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, which is very convenient to open and close, and is very suitable for the lifestyle of living without a fixed place. Moreover, the seven layer sterile packaging can effectively protect the sensitive smell of wine, and the shelf life can reach 12 months at room temperature

imported South African red wine is popular with domestic consumers for its elegant and charming characteristics. Whether the new Tetra Pak launched now can continue the red wine connotation of South African Red remains to be seen

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