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South American market tempts Chinese construction machinery enterprises to rub their hands

South American market tempts Chinese construction machinery enterprises to rub their hands

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Guide: ten years after China's construction machinery industry bid farewell to gold, overcapacity and insufficient domestic demand have made the construction machinery industry difficult. In such a difficult situation, construction machinery can only rely on Transformation for development, In order not to get bogged down in the quagmire, some powerful enterprises have already set their sights on overseas, with the Southeast Asian market

after bidding farewell to the "golden decade" of China's construction machinery industry, overcapacity and insufficient domestic demand have made it difficult for the construction machinery industry. Under such difficulties, construction machinery can only rely on transformation to build China's largest energy-saving electronic aluminum foil production line with a high starting point and high standards for development. In order not to get into trouble, some powerful enterprises have already set their sights overseas. With the increasingly fierce competition in the Southeast Asian market, The demand of the African market is gradually saturated, and the South American market undoubtedly shows a strong attraction

South American countries, including Brazil, the world's sixth largest economy, have maintained strong infrastructure demand in recent years. According to a recent report by the Chilean investment information consulting agency, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and other four South American countries will invest $500.8 billion in infrastructure in, focusing on the construction of transportation, municipal facilities, telecommunications, drinking water and sanitation facilities, water conservancy infrastructure and intercity roads, most of which will have government and private investment, and will be open to foreign investment. Therefore, the South American market has a huge demand for construction machinery such as engineering machinery, pavement, earthwork and concrete, which is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for Chinese construction machinery enterprises

in the face of opportunities, domestic construction machinery enterprises, including XCMG, Sany, Zoomlion and so on, have deployed in South America early, constantly seizing the expanding market share in South America. It not only expands its export business to South America, but also vigorously builds its own South American base and establishes its position in the South American market through localization

it is understood that in order to seize the South American market, XCMG invested US $200million in 2011 to build an 800000 square meter XCMG Brazil Construction Machinery Industrial Park in MG state, Brazil, to build the first XCMG overseas complete set of construction machinery manufacturing base. Sany Heavy Industry established a subsidiary in Brazil as early as 2007, invested US $200 million to establish local chemical plants in 2010, and plans to set up 6S stores of construction machinery in all parts of Brazil. Zoomlion did not fall behind. It set up a branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, through special production technology in 2010, and recently plans to set up its R & D base. In addition, Shantui set up a Brazilian subsidiary in 2012, and Lingong put into production in 2013 to build a Brazilian production base

exploring and occupying overseas markets, especially the rapidly growing emerging markets, is the key to the continued brilliance of China's construction machinery industry. Only by firmly going out can we continue to grow. The South American market, like a huge cake, is waiting for Chinese construction machinery to seize it bravely

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