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South China International Printing and packaging products exhibition is about to open

the exhibition adjusts the movement of the beam to change the output, with an area of about 50000 square meters, and more than 600 enterprises participating in the exhibition

it is learned from relevant parties that the "South China International Printing and packaging products exhibition and the fourth Shenzhen packaging design achievements exhibition" hosted by Shenzhen packaging industry association, undertaken by Xiecheng Media Co., Ltd. and co organized by South China City, It will be held in the printing paper packaging trading center of South China city from December 18 to 20. The exhibition area is about 50000 square meters, and more than 600 exhibitors will participate

holding an exhibition in South China city is persuasive and attractive

according to the relevant investigation and analysis, December every year is the period when most enterprises are busy with the work plan for the next year. Considering the new marketing plan and strategy, they will pay attention to the product packaging, the most intuitive embodiment of product quality and image. Therefore, it is carefully considered by the organizers to schedule the exhibition in December

the selection of the venue in South China city also reflects the ingenuity of the organizing committee. As an international trading center of industrial raw materials, Nancheng has the advantages of convenient transportation, complete logistics, service and other supporting systems in the environment of loss in the whole industry in 2015. At present, South China city has attracted many leading enterprises in the industry, including Heidelberg, the world's printing giant, and the fixtures or tooling that will need to be specially designed to meet special experimental standards. Gaobao, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and big Japan screen have settled in. Holding a printing and packaging products exhibition here has strong persuasion and great attraction

exhibits can meet the one-stop procurement needs of enterprises

the exhibition organizing committee invited 600 well-known packaging enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, including Shenzhen, such as Lijia group, transcendent industry, XinXieLi, Jinjia, Yachang, jinzhicai and other famous companies in the industry to appear at the exhibition. The exhibition covers the whole packaging and printing industry and supporting products, comprehensively displaying the whole packaging and printing industry from materials to products, from design to process, from technology to equipment, forming a one-stop packaging and printing supply product system. With a complete range of products, novel and unique patterns and advanced technology, it can better meet the needs of enterprises for product packaging. It is a "packaging gift" given by the organizing committee to enterprises

exhibition planning runs through the concept of "five modernizations"

the so-called five modernizations are humanization, specialization, uniqueness, systematization and integration

in terms of the details of the exhibition, it is the frequently used raw materials in bioplastics, so that every exhibitor and visitor can enjoy considerate services. From hotel and catering arrangements to the airport to pick up foreign visitors, as well as the free bus transfer in Shenzhen, all reflect the humanized concept of the planner

in order to facilitate visitors and buyers to find the products they need, the organizing committee divides the exhibition area into 9 areas according to the material and purpose of the products: tobacco, alcohol and food packaging display area, jewelry and gift packaging display area, cosmetics packaging display area, packaging materials display area, packaging machinery display area, packaging design display area, plastic products display area and packaging containers display area

building a three-day dynamic stage in the center of the exhibition area will become the most eye-catching focus during the exhibition. The organizing committee will invite professional models to continuously display the most distinctive products of exhibitors. Buyers can use business cards as votes to vote for their most needed or favorite products, so as to select the most popular products. Exhibitors will also provide long-term professional services for voting units. During the three-day exhibition, professional seminars and exchange activities with rich contents will be held respectively. On the evening of December 18, the 2005 Annual Conference of Shenzhen packaging industry will be held. At that time, all exhibitors, key enterprises in Shenzhen, specially invited leaders and guests will gather together and communicate happily with singing and dancing entertainment programs

source: Shenzhen business daily

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