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South China International Advertising, printing and Paper Exhibition

factor 1: tensile test machine value sensor recently, the sixth Shenzhen South China International Advertising, printing and paper exhibition opened in the exhibition hall of the high tech fair. More than 500 well-known enterprises and groups at home and abroad, including HP, Epson, Dade and Shanghai Ziguang, participated in the exhibition

it is understood that the exhibition is the only international advertising, printing and paper exhibition in Shenzhen, with distinctive industry characteristics. This year's exhibition lasts for three days, and its scale is twice that of last year. The exhibition area is more than 20000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors is nearly 800. We strive to create a good trading platform for exhibitors with the best service. In addition, the latest spray painting equipment such as UV tablet machine, multi-functional flat-panel spray painting machine, 3D spray painting, as well as some new products and technologies in engraving machine, advertising laser projection and digital printing will also appear one after another, bringing novel visual enjoyment to the exhibition

for example, the medical rubber glove sample

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