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Schneider Electric joined hands with Benxi Iron and Steel International Trade Co., Ltd. at the China International Import Expo to build a smart steel backbone

Shanghai, China. Recently, on November 13, 2019, at the site of the second China International Import Expo, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Benxi Iron and Steel Group International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Benxi Iron and steel international trade) by providing advanced equipment, technology With product upgrading, after-sales service and perfect solutions, Schneider Electric will help Benxi Iron and steel international trade further improve brand value and realize energy conservation, efficiency increase and digital transformation

the holding of the second China International Fair is a sign of China's further opening up. As an important old industrial base in China, Liaoning has complete industrial categories and systems. It is not only an important area for the construction of the the Belt and Road, but also an important gateway and frontier for the opening-up of Northeast China. At the same time, with a series of major decisions and arrangements of the central government to comprehensively revitalize the northeast region in recent years, the northeast economy has shown a steady and positive trend, and the economic growth rate of Liaoning has returned to more than 6% again after more than four years. At the same time, the iron and steel industry chain enterprises, as the main force for the revitalization of the northeast economy, need to establish a more orderly and reasonable ecological chain with the universal experimental machine function of Jinan experimental machine factory. While focusing on introducing intelligent means, optimizing production processes and creating differentiated products, they also need to integrate production, circulation, terminal use and other links, so as to improve the comprehensive ability of enterprises involved in production and operation

as the backbone of Liaoning's iron and steel industry chain and one of China's top ten iron and steel pillar enterprises, Benxi Iron and steel international trade was founded in 1905. Since new China first resumed production, it has been the cradle of China's iron and steel industry. With its rich mineral resources and first-class process equipment, it spans many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, energy and transportation, and its products sell well in more than 80 overseas countries. Under the new situation of deepening the supply side structural reform, Benxi Iron and steel international trade accelerates the pace of intelligent manufacturing and strives to realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to green intelligent steel enterprises

Schneider Electric has rich practical experience in helping the digital transformation of the steel industry. This time, Benxi Steel International Trade chose to establish a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, and reached a consensus on jointly exploring a broader market based on helping the steel plastic extruder industry in Liaoning Province strengthen the transformation and upgrading of the product precision industry. 2. Usage:, Among them:

Schneider Electric will give full play to its rich experience in helping enterprises in the iron and steel industry with transformation and upgrading for many years, and provide follow-up cooperation projects from the aspects of interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and services based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, including on-site instruments, medium and low voltage converters, HMI touch screens and industrial computers, Modicon Epac programmable controllers, SCADA monitoring software, And the overall automation solution created thereby

Benxi Iron and steel international trade gives full play to its advantages in technology, talents and equipment. Now it has the world's widest 2300 hot tandem mill, the world's most advanced cold rolling production line and other first-class steel technology and equipment, with a production capacity of 20million tons of crude steel and 1.1 million tons of special steel, and rich production management experience. While accelerating the technological transformation, Benxi Iron and steel international trade continues to improve the innovation and R & D capacity of technology centers, laboratories and scientific research workstations

on this basis, the two sides will build a closer communication mechanism, work together to actively promote the successful completion of the transformation and upgrading project, further improve quality and efficiency through the application of more perfect intelligent solutions, achieve steady transformation, and jointly promote in Liaoning region, the country and even overseas markets, in order to enable the digital transformation of the whole industry, and help more enterprises on the basis of ensuring safe production, Achieve the goal of green and sustainable development

for this cooperation, Zhang Peng, vice president of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, said: Schneider Electric is a leading enterprise in the field of global energy efficiency management. Its advanced, intelligent and efficient products and solutions and perfect after-sales service will help us take the lead in completing the transformation and upgrading and set an example of green and low-carbon manufacturing in the industry. From the introduction of foreign advanced technology to the export of a large number of products overseas every year and acceptance of international market inspection, the progress of Benxi Iron and steel international trade has never stopped. We hope that the two sides can work together in the future and ultimately make positive contributions to the steel industry in Liaoning and even the whole country

Li Jimin, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of Xinbei District of national sales department, said: the achievements of Benxi Iron and steel international trade in helping the revitalization of Northeast China's economy and leading China's steel industry towards modernization are obvious to all. Schneider Electric hopes to join hands with Benxi Iron and steel international trade to jointly promote the high-quality development of China's steel industry with its technical expertise and rich experience in enabling the digital transformation of the global steel industry

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