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Schneider Electric ecostruxure it: improve the visualization of hybrid IT environment and reduce risks

the central environment of taking the average value of data as the hardness value of the test piece is changing. The future data center system will be a hybrid IT application environment including super large centralized cloud data center, regional edge data center and small local edge data center

the data center system is facing a complex mixed it application environment

451 the latest data from research shows that it is expected that by 2019, less than half of the it load of enterprises will run in the internal IT environment, and more than half will run in the external IT environment. At the same time, it will also show the following trends:

the three new numbers mentioned above. The spring performance of this material is better. According to the central force, it is driving the new demand of the data center system. There will be more data centers of different sizes everywhere, bringing more management requirements, not trapezoidal screws and new security challenges

we will be able to use new technologies (such as big data, cloud analysis, artificial intelligence, etc.) to solve many problems, some of which have existed for a long time, but could not be solved with existing technologies before

in the past 10 years, the energy efficiency of the data center has been improved by 80% and the cost has been reduced by 50%. But if we don't rethink new methods and technologies and accept the broader ecosystem, we can't continue to improve

in another recent global research project for data center operators and professionals, 451 research revealed that the following challenges will be faced in the mixed

it environment:

visual users need a single window to understand all the activity status information of infrastructure, including asset status, related risks, coping methods, overall performance, industry dynamics, etc

insight into how to make daily decisions in the operation and management process, how to complete the capacity plan, how to plan and execute the workflow, and which KPIs are useful for running the data center and the final business. For hosted data center service providers, it may also involve how to charge tenants, and track the use of total capacity and the remaining capacity

how to determine the location of the best hosting virtual environment from a broad perspective, and whether to use a private data center, cloud or hosting services. Whether in terms of financial efficiency, data privacy, scalability, or risk, this will be a very complex decision. Cost is obviously a big factor, and financial calculation is not easy. What we need here is to make decisions based on facts, rather than relying on speculation, intuition, or following the trend

at the same time, for the owners of international interconnected or managed data centers, the challenges they face also include:

with the continuous expansion of business, it is essential to ensure that everything from the system architecture to the end-user reports must be consistent in all computer rooms

for customers, downtime is unacceptable, and rapid response is crucial to customer satisfaction

the construction of the new data center is in full swing, so it needs perfect implementation; All installations must be standard and globally unified

customers are seeking more information and taking action based on it

unfortunately, data center management is a very complex thing

in essence, data center is a very complex system, because it needs to manage the interaction between power and refrigeration infrastructure and it equipment, while minimizing the total operating cost. The demand for data centers to operate continuously and minimize downtime continues to increase. When a problem occurs, we expect the management system to provide the necessary key information to solve the problem and analyze the root cause to prevent it from happening again

it can be found that this industry has evolved into two data center management methods. One method is to use domain specific systems for power, cooling and white area management. The second method is more indigenous, in which SCADA based systems are customized to perform management responsibilities. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, we believe that these two methods will face limitations in the future, and new methods will be needed to solve them in order to give full play to the potential of cloud based tools and big data analysis

Schneider Electric ecostruxure it: IOT based, open and interoperable system architecture and platform

ecostruxure it is an open, interoperable and IOT based system architecture and platform developed by Schneider Electric, which can provide customers with higher value in safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and interconnection. Through the development of advanced IOT, mobile, sensing, cloud, analysis and network security technologies, we can achieve comprehensive innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, and application, analysis and service

interconnected products are the foundation of IOT intelligent operation. Schneider Electric's first belief is to produce great interconnected products with innovation as the core. Ecostruxure it collects data from various connected sensors in the data center and surrounding buildings and many supplier equipment (UPS, PDU, power distribution and refrigeration systems, etc.) at the product level of interconnection. At the edge control level, whether in building systems, it systems or power distribution systems, ecostruxure it enables customers to achieve local control and monitoring, and locally and autonomously monitor and take action on any alarm. In the application, analysis and service layer, ecostruxure it provides executable intelligence information for preventive maintenance, energy efficiency and other work by analyzing data and extracting information using artificial intelligence

by adopting artificial intelligence methods in the application, analysis and service layers, we can promote the highest level of availability and efficiency. The way to achieve this goal will start from building the largest cloud based data resource pool. The larger the data resource pool generated by interconnected devices, the more accurate the analysis will be. Ecostruxure it also supports customized solutions, providing an effective and consistent method for monitoring and controlling its facilities

ecostruxure it can read all health and status data even if the data center owner adopts various devices and software platforms. Data center owners can then share this data with customers

in Australia, the large-scale managed data center project jointly built by Schneider Electric and pulse data center is an important practice of Schneider Electric in the field of centralized large-scale data center based on the correct installation of electronic universal testing machine based on ecostruxure it frame before verification. At the product level of interconnection, efficient air flow management system, lithium battery energy storage technology and modular products are fully used. By providing customers with a set of optimized, integrated and modular solutions, Schneider Electric has effectively reduced refrigeration losses and energy costs, and ensured 100% normal operation of the equipment. In addition, pulse data center also adopts Schneider Electric building monitoring system, power monitoring system, DCIM software suite, and cloud based remote monitoring expert services to achieve efficient management and green operation, and has become the first data center in Australia to obtain uptime Tier3 certification

to sum up, the trend of IT environment has brought more challenges to data center operators and international Internet companies. Through ecostruxure architecture and platform, Schneider Electric will be able to provide customers with highly available and efficient products and services for the overall business, drive more value through predictive analysis and operable intelligence, optimize the business, and finally realize the continuous optimization of the availability and utilization efficiency of the infrastructure of the data center or it room

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