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Schneider Electric has won the intellectual property protection case Award for four consecutive years

on June 26, 2017, Beijing, China, recently, Schneider Electric, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, won the annual top ten cases of intellectual property protection issued by the quality brand Protection Committee of the China Association of foreign funded enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the quality protection committee). Schneider Electric has won this honor for four consecutive years. Schneider Electric was recognized for its clear intellectual property protection strategy, steady promotion of counterfeiting and infringement legal action, and a large number of useful exploration in legal understanding and application in this field. In addition, Schneider Electric actively advocated the customer first concept of providing high-quality products and services and improving customer experience, which was also praised

at the press conference of the annual top ten cases of intellectual property protection held by the quality assurance Commission, Schneider Electric won the award for its active cooperation with relevant law enforcement and judicial authorities and its active exploration of intellectual property related issues in Wenzhou Allen Electric Co., Ltd., the case of Wang Chengchao counterfeiting Clipsal registered trademark, and the case of Zhao Qingchen in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province selling goods infringing the exclusive right to use Schneider registered trademark. Among them, the case of Wang Chengchao counterfeiting a registered trademark is a relatively rare case in judicial practice, in which the crime of omission was rediscovered, investigated, and the probation was revoked, a heavy sentence was imposed, and a high fine was imposed. It has dealt a great blow to such criminal acts, and effectively explored how to prevent repeated criminal acts. In Zhao Qingchen's case of selling goods infringing the exclusive right to use a registered trademark, the characteristics of these coatings include: the wavelength of reflected light can be changed through the film. The relevant administrative and law enforcement agencies calculate the illegal business amount of the infringing and counterfeit products involved in the case at the price of authentic products, and impose a fine of three times the amount involved in the case on the infringer. At the same time, all the counterfeit and infringing products involved should be loosened and replaced with authentic products, eliminating major potential safety hazards, It shows the legislative spirit of the trademark law to crack down on counterfeiting and infringement, and has special social value

group photo of the annual top ten cases of intellectual property protection and typical cases of the connection between the two laws (photos provided by the quality assurance Commission)

with the transformation of public consumption demand from existing to excellent, promoting the quality revolution has become an inevitable demand for consumption upgrading. Cracking down on fake and shoddy products and protecting intellectual property rights can not only create a good market environment for quality consumption, but also escort enterprises to maintain innovation vitality. In recent years, with the improvement of the system of laws and regulations, the strengthening of law enforcement and the improvement of protection awareness, China's intellectual property protection has made significant progress. For 30 years, Schneider Electric has been an advocate and promoter of intellectual property protection. It has formulated effective intellectual property protection strategies within the company, integrated relevant resources, and assisted and supported the Chinese government in intellectual property protection

in the past year, Schneider Electric actively cooperated with law enforcement and judicial authorities to crack down on infringement and illegal acts such as the production and sale of fake goods in an all-round way, protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the health of the market through an innovative way of combining administrative investigation, criminal judgment and civil litigation. At the same time, Schneider Electric improves its customer service system and product anti-counterfeiting technology through digital means. It should be powered on regularly to help customers and consumers identify and buy Schneider Electric genuine products more conveniently through various channels according to the draft

with quality consumption becoming the mainstream today, customers and consumers have put forward higher requirements for product brand and quality. We will continue to provide customers with safe, reliable and high-quality products and services, and spare no effort to crack down on counterfeiting, sales and other infringements. Wang Jie, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of corporate affairs and sustainable development, said that protecting intellectual property rights is an inevitable measure to protect enterprise creativity. We are willing to work with relevant government departments, industry associations and enterprises to make positive contributions to the protection of intellectual property rights and promote consumption upgrading with the quality revolution

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