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Schneider Electric Galaxy vs UPS series expansion built-in battery module power density and system availability reached a new high

China industrial control industrial control information Schneider Electric Galaxy vs UPS series expansion built-in battery module power density and system availability reached a new high

Schneider Electric will Galaxy vs UPS (three-phase uninterruptible power supply) The built-in intelligent battery module is expanded from 10kW to 100kW

the configuration of n+1 module will improve the system availability by up to 10 times

ecostruxure ready design can simplify the detection and management process

the rise of edge computing has accelerated the demand growth for small data centers with high space and access requirements. With its compact and flexible design, the galaxyvs three-phase UPS launched by Schneider Electric in 2019 can be easily deployed and meet it The key power demand and cost control of commercial and industrial facilities are highly praised by the industry and customers

recently, global energy efficiency management and automation hired Dan Morris, a technical sales and marketing expert, and Schneider, an expert in digital transformation in the field of industrialization. 5 220VAC 50Hz power supply announced that the built-in smart battery module of Galaxy vs three-phase UPS was expanded from 10kW to 100kW, and the support of n+1 module level redundancy was introduced, which increased the system availability by up to 10 times. At present, the power density of Galaxy vs with built-in battery has reached a new high, which can also provide more efficient support for the unique needs of edge computing and critical infrastructure

galaxy vs can provide up to 99% energy efficiency when running in E-transform mode. Its modular design makes it easy to deploy and easy to maintain. It is an ideal choice for key it, commercial and industrial applications. By adding battery flexibility and monitoring, redundant battery packs and self configuration functions, the availability of the built-in intelligent battery module has been greatly improved. This design can ensure that critical loads are always protected by highly predictable operating time and redundancy of important material pools used as ocean fishing vessels, thereby reducing risks

Dr. Lu Bin, senior vice president of Schneider Electric's key power business, three-phase uninterruptible power supply and prefabricated data center, said: with the industry-leading power density and n+1 system availability, the expansion of Galaxy vs meets the growing demand for highly available, simplified management and efficient solutions in the edge computing and data center industries without increasing the ups carbon footprint

other advantages of Galaxy vs include:

saving space to realize the tightening movement of the spring: compact structure and full front-end maintenance design, which can well meet the requirements of narrow space

greatly improve availability through modular architecture: key system components adopt modular design to improve maintainability and fault tolerance

cost saving: when operating in the patented e-Conversion mode of Schneider Electric, it can provide up to 99% energy efficiency, enabling users to recover their initial investment within two to three years by saving energy costs (depending on the model)

extend the normal operation time and simplify the maintenance process: key system components are built with modules with fault-tolerant design to achieve faster maintenance speed, fault tolerance, and shorten the average repair time

ecostruxure ready: with the support of the all-weather expert service department, with the help of Schneider Electric fengfenghui and other next-generation management software, it can make it easier to manage the performance status of equipment and view the overall information

galaxy vs UPS expansion products have been launched worldwide (except Japan). For more information, please visit the galaxy vs overview page or contact your local Schneider Electric Sales Representative

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