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Schneider Electric helps Bank of Chengdu plan to build a new generation of verifiable data center

recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, announced that it would build a new data center for Bank of Chengdu, providing data center life-cycle services including deepening design, construction process management, and implementing verification services, and helping Bank of Chengdu build a national class a standard data center machine room, Achieve a solid and reliable business carrying capacity and achieve the goal of greater business innovation and development in the era of Internet finance

with the rapid penetration and integration of big data, cloud computing and other Internet technologies into the financial field, the rapid development of Internet finance has brought a huge impact on the bank's business management, business operation and customer service mode, and the processing capacity and data scale of the bank's data center have increased exponentially. In the face of the continuous development of business and the changing demand for information system services, Bank of Chengdu foresees that the management of data center facilities and the operation and maintenance of computer rooms will become the key points for the success of future projects. It takes the lead in putting forward the concept of full life cycle technology management in the industry, building a new generation of verifiable head office level data center, and scientifically managing the IT integrated environment of the data center and all the equipment of the data center building

as a leader in data center infrastructure construction and services, Schneider Electric has rich practical experience and strong professional technical force in the field of data center life cycle services. According to the specific needs of Bank of Chengdu, Schneider Electric, with the design concept of advanced, practical, efficient, safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, provides expert services including deepening design, construction process management, implementation verification and so on for the overall layout and related infrastructure of the new data center of Bank of Chengdu. Its design standard meets the requirements of class a computer room standard specified in GB (new national standard) of the national code for design of data centers, and its main security technical indicators refer to the requirements of ansi/tia-942 standard for telecommunications infrastructure of data centers T3 (local key subsystems should meet the requirements of T4), which can meet the current and future business development needs of Bank of Chengdu for 10 years or more

in addition, in view of the large time span of the construction cycle of the data center and the complex system, comprehensive 1 must carry out regular inspection and strong technicality. Schneider Electric actively mobilized local resources and equipped a comprehensive technical support team for the new data center project of Bank of Chengdu to provide timely and efficient localized technical support in the construction stage, testing stage and later operation stage, and the service covers the whole life cycle of the data center

Ding Weiqing, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and head of it business department in Greater China, said: safe, reliable, forward-looking and professional planning and design can not only shorten the overall construction cycle of the data center, but also extend the overall efficient operation cycle of the data center and ensure the sustainable and stable development of enterprise business. By providing detailed life-cycle services such as in-depth design, construction process management, and implementation verification for the new data center of Bank of Chengdu, Schneider Electric aims to create a future verifiable Data Center for Bank of Chengdu that is truly highly available, has reasonable system capacity planning, meets future needs, and can effectively reduce costs. In the future, we will continue to give full play to our expertise in the full life cycle of the data center, and integrate the craftsmanship spirit of excellence into every detail, so as to create greater value for more industry customers

Schneider Electric is an industry leader in one-stop data center and other it critical environment full life cycle solutions. There are more than 7000 trained professional service teams around the world, and their capabilities cover every stage and system of the data center. The methodology and standard landing and stopping process of the service application provided have been tested in practice for more than 45 years

about Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation in residential, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial fields

Schneider Electric has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world. It is an undisputed leading enterprise in the field of energy management (including medium voltage, low voltage and critical power supply) and automation systems. We can provide users with integrated energy efficiency solutions integrating energy, automation and software

in our global ecosystem, Schneider Electric is opening its own platform, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7million tons a year. It cooperates with many excellent partners, integrators and developer communities to jointly provide users with real-time control and improve operational efficiency

we believe that excellent talents and partners make Schneider Electric a great enterprise. At the same time, Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation, diversification and sustainable development will also ensure that everyone can enjoy life is on at any time and anywhere, and Si element can improve the decarburization sensitivity of steel

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