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Schneider Electric enables the digital transformation of the airport industry to create a green future airport

Beijing, July 13, 2018/AP/-- recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation, held an airport industry summit in Yinchuan. With the theme of "jointly build a safe, green, smart and humane airport", combined with the industry development trend, airport regions and different customer needs, Schneider Electric comprehensively interpreted the airport industry solutions based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, combined with the full life cycle professional services, to help customers optimize operation, personnel and equipment efficiency, and build a safe and green future airport

the successful holding of Schneider Electric airport industry summit, digitalization is profoundly affecting the development of all walks of life. As a public facility with uninterrupted operation throughout the year and huge passenger flow, the airport, in addition to the need for continuous and stable power supply to ensure the normal operation of key systems, is also facing the standard challenges of energy conservation, consumption reduction and carbon emission reduction. In order to ensure the high safety of all regions, avoid unexpected risks, further improve efficiency, optimize costs and operations, and realize management optimization and sustainable business development with digitalization, it has become the focus of customers in the airport industry

as a leader in the airport industry, Schneider Electric always pays attention to the development trend of the industry and has a deep insight into the market demand. At the summit, Schneider Electric comprehensively explained from four dimensions the complete solutions that cover the application scenarios in all areas of the airport through innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and services, combined with full life cycle professional services, optimize the efficiency of the whole process from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, and enable customers to make digital transformation, Work together to create a green airport in the future:

ping an airport: Based on ecostruxure power intelligent distribution solution, combined with control technology, cloud computing and big data analysis and services, the intelligent devices in the distribution system are interconnected, and through digital applications such as ecostruxure power advisor, the operation status of the distribution system is monitored and analyzed, power and data quality problems are effectively identified, and accidents are warned in advance, Realize active and efficient operation and maintenance, further improve energy efficiency, electrical assets, power quality, operation and maintenance management level, and ensure the reliability and safety of key power equipment and facilities. The system solution has swept the market: Klaus mafi's ipul system is very suitable for the worry free operation of profiles and rods used in pultruded buildings and wind energy industry, so as to build a safe airport. Green Airport: ecostruxure energy advisor cloud energy efficiency based on Cloud Architecture and artificial intelligence analysis services forms a group level energy management platform to provide users with energy information storage and display, indicator intelligent prediction, energy efficiency diagnosis and expert advisory services, make full use of energy efficiency data to optimize energy utilization, achieve airport energy conservation and emission reduction goals, and help make smarter business decisions, Building a new generation of green airport has more obvious advantages than other packaging materials. Humanistic Airport: by covering the full life cycle professional services from design, construction, operation and maintenance, combined with the use of intelligent solutions, optimize the airport working environment, improve staff efficiency, and help managers make more informed decisions, so as to further improve the overall operation efficiency of the airport and create a humanistic airport. Smart Airport: through modern information technology means, realize the collection of real-time information in various regions, cooperate with the background data processing function based on IOT, realize asset evaluation and digital operation and maintenance, and build a smart airport. Jiang Binbin, the industry sales director of Schneider Electric's national sales department, addressed the meeting, which was highly recognized by nearly 100 industry users present. At the meeting, A customer representative said: "The design and construction of the airport need to be forward-looking, meet the needs of users and comply with policies, regulations and standards. Schneider Electric attaches great importance to the communication with customers and listens to more different voices and suggestions, including the Design Institute, the construction party, and even the later operation and maintenance personnel. Combined with the concerns of various functional parties, it constantly improves its products, systems and services at all levels, and finally provides customers with a complete set of products and services A solution that can be implemented and meet the needs. "

Jiang Binbin, the industry sales director of Schneider Electric's national sales department, said about the success of the conference: "The wide application of new technologies and the changing market demand are driving the reform of the airport industry. Schneider Electric, with its ecostruxure architecture based on IOT and different platforms of PVC and PVG materials, as well as the ability of industry experts and rich practical experience, has created a complete digital solution, which can help the airport industry. These have greatly limited its users in the field of utilization to realize rapid transformation and build a green airport for the future, At the same time, we look forward to working with more partners to lead the future of the industry in a new era. "

the on-site exhibition area received great attention from guests

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