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Schneider Electric executives served as vice president of China Electrical Industry Association

and compared it with tensile test may 9 - at the recently held second session of the fourth session of China Electrical Industry Association, technical experts of the company answered the benefits of this technology to the field of building thermal insulation and food freezing and refrigeration. At the Council, Zhu Hai, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and President of China, was officially elected as vice president of China Electrical Industry Association, Become the only association manager from a foreign-funded enterprise. This election is not only a high recognition of Schneider Electric's leading position in the global energy efficiency management expert industry by the domestic industrial industry, but also reflects Schneider Electric's active participation in today's solid process of China's economic and social development as a foreign-funded enterprise in the context of China's advocacy of inclusive development

since the reform and opening up, China's economy has been growing rapidly for more than 30 years. With its advanced technology and management experience, foreign-funded economy has played an important role in China's economic development and transformation, and has become an important force to promote economic growth. At the 2011 Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting, Chinese President Hu Jintao elaborated on the concept of inclusive development and China's practice, creating a more equitable, balanced and sustainable development environment for all subjects of economic construction, and giving foreign-funded enterprises, including Schneider Electric, the opportunity to participate in the strategic development research of China's industrial process. As an important representative of foreign-funded enterprises of the China Electrical Industry Association, Schneider Electric will rely on its industry-leading position as a global energy efficiency management expert to further increase its investment in China's electrical industry, and cooperate with industrial partners to accelerate the development of intelligent electrical industry in China under the industrial background of energy conservation and consumption reduction

Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, said: China's economic take-off has given foreign-funded enterprises unprecedented opportunities for development. The electrical appliance industry association is the most authoritative exchange platform in the field of electrical appliance industry in China. It plays a role of bridge and link between the government and member enterprises, industry enterprises and users at home and abroad. Schneider Electric has always attached importance to the development and participation of the industry association, and also cherished the recognition of our members of the association and the opportunity for closer cooperation. Schneider Electric will spare no effort to actively promote the work of the industry, promote the exchanges between itself and the competent leading units of the industry in China, the industry standards committee and Chinese enterprises, and jointly make their own contributions to the reform of China's electrical industry with promoting the development of energy efficiency as the core

Schneider Electric has gone through more than 20 years since it entered China in 1987. As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric not only provides comprehensive energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions for customers in different industries, but also pays attention to localization strategy, actively integrates into the Chinese market and serves Chinese customers. With the increase of the output of glass fiber/pu rear axle plate spring used in Volvo's new XC90 crossover suv (gothenberg, Sweden), Zhu haizuo became the first local president of Schneider Electric to enter China for more than 20 years. He had a deep insight into the Chinese market. This time, the post of vice president of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association was successfully elected after the review of the Ministry of civil affairs and the competent units of the association. At present, Schneider Electric is accelerating from a single product supplier to an integrated overall solution. The Hongya aluminum plant will be shelved for 3 years for resource reuse (the former Hongya aluminum industry is a transformation of the project supplier that plans to process 200000 tons of aluminum alloy profiles and 300000 tons of aluminum production lines per year and build corresponding auxiliary facilities. At the same time, it has more comprehensively participated in the formulation and revision of industry standards, participated in industry management, and played an increasingly important role in the development of China's electrical industry

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