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Jiangsu has built the first domestic oil immersed transformer foam fire extinguishing system Huang Lei, guopengyu and Luo Yuchao, the correspondent of China Power News, reported that on April 3, after three consecutive days of day and night commissioning, the first domestic oil immersed transformer foam water spray fire extinguishing system was successfully put into trial operation on No. 4 main transformer of Shangdang 500 kV Substation in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

the traditional fixed fire extinguishing systems for oil immersed transformers mainly include oil discharge and nitrogen injection, synthetic foam and water spray fire extinguishing systems. The oil drainage and nitrogen injection fire extinguishing system is directly connected with the transformer body, which is prone to oil and gas leakage, resulting in unplanned shutdown of the main transformer. See ASTM E (8) standard foam fire extinguishing system for the steps of synthetic metal tensile test. Only spray foam for 15 minutes to extinguish the fire. It is easy to re ignite without continuous cooling measures, and the quality of extinguishing agent is difficult to control

the pipeline of the water spray extinguishing system is easy to rust and can only extinguish the initial fire. The oil immersed transformer foam water spray extinguishing system is developed on the basis of the water mist extinguishing system. It is mainly composed of water supply device, filter device, control valve, proportioner, water spray nozzle and liquid supply pipeline. It integrates the advantages of rapid fire extinguishing of the synthetic foam extinguishing system and continuous cooling of the water spray extinguishing system, The disadvantages of the oil discharge and nitrogen injection fire extinguishing system are avoided. In case of transformer fire, the fire extinguishing system can extinguish the fire in advance by foam spray, or continue to extinguish or cool the fire by spraying water or adding foam liquid after the foam liquid is used up, so as to prevent re ignition and achieve the purpose of effective fire extinguishing

the technical personnel of the research group of the safety supervision department and the maintenance branch of Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. and the tightening nut Research Institute made full use of the outage maintenance period of No. 4 main transformer in Shangdang 500kV substation to work hard on the project site for 72 hours to carry out the system installation and commissioning together with the system equipment manufacturers. They overcame the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks and new technology, and completed the project commissioning test, which was a complete success

it is reported that in 2018, Jiangsu electric power established a fire technology research group to organize and carry out water mist fire extinguishing technology. Next, we will share with you the research on the operating procedures and protection precautions of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine to avoid degradation of the instrument, and put forward a new technology of "foam fire extinguishing combined with water mist continuous cooling" suitable for outdoor transformer fire extinguishing, This year, the research and development of foam water spray fire extinguishing system for oil immersed transformer will be completed

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