The first natural gas large flow metering station

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The construction of Sinopec's first large flow natural gas metering station has entered the installation stage recently, the foundation construction of Sinopec's first real flow high-pressure large flow natural gas metering station has been completed, and the installation stage has fully entered. It is expected that the whole project will be completed in january2015

Wuhan Branch of Sinopec natural gas large flow metering station is newly built under the entrustment of the State Administration of quality supervision, aiming to solve the problem of insufficient verification capacity of the existing natural gas flowmeter verification station. It is the second large flow natural gas metering station in China. The design verification capacity of the station is 650 sets/year, and the upper limit of the working condition verification is 96000 m3/h. The international pioneer will be adopted. How should we avoid or reduce the friction coefficient? As the original standard device, the advanced hppp method (high pressure piston volume tube) will achieve the international advanced level in measurement accuracy. The completion of the project will help to improve China's metrology system and enhance China's international status in metrology. The project is located in Jiangxia District, Wuhan, about 50km away from the center of Wuhan

entrusted by the general petrochemical engineering quality supervision station, Wuhan Petrochemical sub station began to implement engineering quality supervision on this project at the end of last year. After the "made in China 2025 Anhui chapter" was clearly put forward, the quality supervision outline and plan were disclosed. During the construction of plastic film, Wuhan Petrochemical sub station staff overcame difficulties such as long journey (one and a half hours' drive between the two places) and heavy task of project quality supervision within the enterprise. They worked overtime to inspect the quality control points and hold points of the project, and organized two special inspections. A total of 17 large and small quality problems were found, and two rectification notices were issued. All the above problems were rectified in time. At present, the project quality is fully controlled

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