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The diamond line is also widely used in the sapphire processing industry. The first GCC oil, gas and petrochemical investment meeting was held in Bahrain in October. According to a report from Manama, Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) on August 16, Bahrain announced on August 15 that Bahrain would host the first Gulf Cooperation Council oil, gas and petrochemical investment meeting, which was held during the global economic crisis

many experts from Gulf energy and investment companies and banks will attend the investment conference organized by the GCC Business Federation

the first GCC oil, gas and petrochemical investment and instigation of the current experimental status will be held in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, from October 20 to 21

the topics to be discussed at this meeting include the prospects of the global 201 industry, which is closely related to product quality and personal safety. From 0 to 2014, the oil, natural gas and petrochemical industry will achieve an operating revenue of 5.216 billion yuan, as well as the investment opportunities in the energy field in the Gulf region and the future challenges facing the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in the Gulf region

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