The first on-site meeting of XCMG management year

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The first on-site meeting of XCMG management year was held in the shovel and transport machinery business division. The first on-site meeting of XCMG management year was held in the shovel and transport machinery business division. China Construction machinery information. 2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan and the deepening of the supply side structural reform. The leaders of XCMG group sized up the situation, based on the internal and market, and positioned 2017 as the "XCMG management year". On the afternoon of March 7, organized by the group's operation management department, the first on-site experience exchange meeting of the management year was held in the shovel and transport machinery business division. The meeting was chaired by wujianglong, vice president of XCMG machinery. Yangdongsheng, vice president of XCMG machinery, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of the shovel and transport machinery division, briefly introduced the work of the division in the management year, emphasized the determination of the division to promote management improvement, and welcomed all brother units to discuss and exchange experience

at the meeting, liuxingfeng, deputy general manager of the shoveling machinery business division, shared his experience entitled "five tables of profit under the" 343 "mode and" closed loop management of accounts receivable under the "343" mode ". Finally, vice president wujianglong shared the case to explain the "343" management mode in detail for the participants, further elaborate the theoretical basis of the working method of forcing targets, and make the participants deeply understand the connotation of the "343" management mode

recently, XCMG shovel and transport machinery division established a management improvement leading group headed by yangdongsheng, general manager and party secretary of the division, to study and formulate the implementation plan of management improvement action, officially opening the curtain for the division to comprehensively promote the implementation of management improvement action

the subdivision system realizes the integrated and efficient collaborative operation of the whole value chain

under the leadership of the management improvement leading group, the business division has established six professional improvement promotion groups, including the operation management promotion group, the marketing promotion group, the production management promotion group, the quality management promotion group, the R & D promotion group for products with a production accuracy of 10 kg, and the comprehensive management promotion group. The subdividing system and process of the GS division take the comprehensive budget management as the main line, take the improvement and consolidation of the basic management of standardization, standardization, process, institutionalization and informatization as the breakthrough point, focus on filling the weaknesses and solving outstanding management problems, take the closed-loop management as the foothold, follow the grading, classification and collaborative improvement strategy, and use advanced management tools and methods to create a clear target grading, simple and efficient process system Implement the management system of strict closed loop assessment, cultivate a successful management mode of great enterprises, realize the integrated and efficient collaborative operation of the whole value chain of the division, and realize the "three haves and one can" development of the division

"Four Combinations" comprehensively promote the implementation of management it is understood that the management improvement action of the

division adheres to the principle of "Four Combinations" to promote the implementation. Combining goal orientation with benchmarking and transcendence. While identifying management blind spots, breakpoints, difficulties and weaknesses, the division comprehensively benchmarked the best enterprises in the industry and identified the direction, objectives and path of continuous management improvement by comparing with the 13th five year strategic objectives, annual business objectives and major project breakthroughs of the division. Combination of classification and management collaboration. Do a good job in the hierarchical classification and division of labor management of management objectives and posts. At the same time, we should emphasize the spontaneity and management coordination driven by common objectives. Combine key breakthroughs with comprehensive improvement. While focusing on solving outstanding problems and weak links, we have solidly carried out short board elimination and bottleneck breakthrough. At the same time, we have covered all value chain management links and all factor management activities to drive the overall improvement of management level. Combine strict management with dynamic optimization. While strictly investigating and managing the current management system, work process, job responsibilities, and the fact that the management has always adhered to the defensive national defense policy, the system combs and evaluates the organization, process, system, and job responsibilities, establishes and implements simple problems, and rectifies system problems within a time limit

The first on-site meeting of XCMG management year was held in the shovel and transportation machinery business division.

the "three four three" management improvement strategy, "five modernizations" to consolidate the management foundation

do a good job in target scientific classification and hierarchical management under the guidance of "three more emphases". According to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of objectives, different classification, grading and strategy shall be established to promote the implementation. Implement the closed-loop management of "four concepts" throughout the whole value chain. Promote the decomposition and implementation of management improvement project measures with the four business concepts, strictly implement the implementation, supervision and assessment of the plan, and periodically evaluate, improve and optimize the effect to achieve closed-loop control. Strengthen and consolidate the basic management of "five modernizations" under the guidance of "three comprehensives". According to the requirements of management standardization, standardization, process, institutionalization and informatization, the optimized objectives and measures will be decomposed into data forms and processes to form work standards. The standards will be solidified with process informatization to form a standard work process for each work, strengthen the basic management system and form a unique management mode of the enterprise

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