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Zhungeer Banner's first packaging product project is about to be put into production

[China Packaging News] recently, China Packaging learned from Inner Mongolia Yidong Lifeng packaging products Co., Ltd that the banner's first packaging product project located in Zhungeer Economic Development Zone has been put into trial production in late April

in the production workshop of Lifeng packaging products project, the plant covering an area of 23000 square meters has been basically completed, and the main works of the plant, ground hardening, water, electricity, heating and other infrastructure facilities have also been completed

zhaoshijie, the chief engineer of the company, reported that Inner Mongolia Yidong Lifeng packaging products Co., Ltd. was planned to be established in September, 2011. Since the commencement of construction, 17000 square meters of main plant and more than 600 square meters of auxiliary plant have been completed, which can be said to be the square meters of microcomputer operation. The supporting facilities have also been basically completed. The overall investment is about 100million yuan, the annual sales revenue can reach 150million yuan, the sales profit can reach about 15million yuan, and the profit and tax can reach 12million yuan. The whole packaging plant is mainly equipped with five layer corrugated packaging production line and offset printing production line. The products produced by the company mainly fall into three categories: external packing boxes, offset printing boxes, EPS foamable fresh-keeping and buffer packaging, and injection molded acrylic packaging

it is understood that the PMMA material of the outer packing box production line of the project is widely used in ophthalmology clinic. As a customized artificial eye piece designed for people, its direct wearing in the frame is also unique, providing a new method for wearing the artificial eye in the frame. All the equipment have been installed. After the project is put into operation, the output can reach an annual output of 40million square meters of outer packaging boxes, mainly in the local market. It is hoped that this sharing can help all enterprises to carry out ceramic packaging and wine packaging, and will also cover the packaging of vegetables, fruits and other non-staple foods in the whole banner and surrounding areas

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