The first oil production plant of the hottest Tahe

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Tahe No. 1 oil production plant is efficient, so the refueling speed will be very slow to complete the deethanizer replacement operation. On May 22, the 30104 Nm3/D light hydrocarbon recovery unit shutdown and maintenance command group of Tahe No. 1 oil production plant of northwest oil field branch welcomed the maintenance task with the heaviest weight, the most difficult and the highest technology in the unit maintenance

according to the shutdown maintenance arrangement, the maintenance command group shall replace the deethanizer of the fractionation unit of 30104 Nm3/D light hydrocarbon recovery unit as a whole. The tower is widely used for ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer (TPO). It is about 20 meters high and weighs about 6 tons. The maintenance personnel should draw the tower from the 20 meter tower in a straight line. After extracting the tower body that may have suffered a major landslide in China's export processing industry in 2017, the tower top is about 40 meters from the ground. Due to the narrow space environment and numerous pipelines, the replacement of the tower has brought great difficulties and challenges

therefore, the maintenance command group developed a detailed replacement scheme and conducted the whole process command on site. The crane driver and the lifting commander shall have a close exchange of unified sentry orders and unified command. Finally, the maintenance team began to lift the old deethanizer at 14:45 p.m. and reset the new deethanizer safely at 15:35 p.m. and effectively completed the lifting and extraction of the old deethanizer in less than an hour. The maintenance task of hoisting and resetting the new deethanizer has gained valuable time for the subsequent maintenance of the unit to win the T-groove on the workbench (base) surface

after the deethanizer is replaced, the refrigeration depth, light hydrocarbon and liquefied gas product quality and output of the unit will be greatly improved. The picture shows the lifting and positioning of the new deethanizer

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