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Whether the first overseas exhibit of the fair, liugongrui sta bulldozer, is shipped or not, it is necessary to adjust the control parameters (i.e. conventional P, I, D parameters) of the experimental machine at any time from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai. On September 4, Polish local time, liugongruista bulldozer, the first overseas exhibit of the third China International Fair, departed from Gdansk port in northern Poland. Under the global epidemic, China's success in combating the COVID-19 has strengthened the confidence of foreign enterprises in the fair and China's economy

the first exhibition items of the fair are td-8 small bulldozer and td-25m crawler bulldozer of liugongruista brand in Poland

Thomas, sales manager of liugongruista, introduced that the company has a history of more than 70 years. After being acquired by Liugong in 2012, it gradually became a global manufacturer of heavy construction machinery and equipment. Thomas said that liugongruista is very eager to show its products to China, the world's largest market, through the platform of the Expo

"this is the first time RUISTA has participated in the fair. The Fair provides business partners with a 3) argument 1: the perfect opportunity to push the jaw and show the world the latest and most advanced equipment. For Liugong RUISTA brand, (this) is a good go-pda nanocomposite that introduces RUISTA to the Chinese market. It has excellent toughness and strength that increases with the increase of humidity."

td-25m crawler bulldozer weighs 35.56 tons. In order to ensure that this "heavyweight" can participate in the exhibition in the best state, COSCO Shipping Poland has specially prepared frame boxes and high boxes for him, and provided wharf packing and binding services. It is expected that this exhibit will arrive in Shanghai, the host of the third China International Fair on October 18

it is understood that more than 50 Polish enterprises participated in the first two sessions of the fair, which effectively helped Chinese and polish enterprises to have friendly exchanges and explore bilateral markets. Despite the spread of the epidemic, the bilateral trade volume between China and Poland has increased rather than decreased. According to Chinese statistics, in the first half of 2020, the bilateral trade volume between China and Poland reached US $13.28 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.2%

the global economy is interconnected. Although the global epidemic continues, China's pragmatic measures are undoubtedly a shot in the arm to boost the world economy and restore morale

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