The first overpass in Hefei will be equipped with

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The first overpass in Hefei will "wear" the sensor

the electronic universal testing machine for rubber static stiffness function:

install a simple testing instrument on the clothes, you can monitor your health at any time, you can find the physical patients in time, and carry out prevention and treatment in advance. This remote sensing detection method is also applicable to the monitoring of bridge safety

it is understood that Hefei will install sensing devices on wulidun overpass for the first time and remotely monitor the safe operation of the bridge through interconnection. This will open a new chapter in Hefei's intelligent monitoring of bridge safety

put sensors on the flyovers

wulidun flyover is the first four story flyover in Hefei. It undertakes traffic in 17 directions and is one of the important transportation hub projects in Hefei. Since wulidun interchange has been in operation for nearly 20 years, Hefei plans to add a long-term and intelligent health monitoring system for it

adjustment work idea the sensor mainly monitors the changes of bridge structure status, focusing on controlling the settlement, inclination and displacement of bridge piers. It is reported that settlement, inclination and displacement are the main characteristics of the bridge structure. When the sensor is installed on the pier, even if the pier has a very small settlement, inclination and displacement, it can be sensed at the first time

in addition, a force monitoring device will be set on the beam at the bridge entrance. If overweight vehicles try to drive onto the overpass, they will also give an early warning

timely early warning in case of pathological changes

these sensors are like terminal tentacles attached to the bridge, real-time collect various data and signals of the bridge, calculate the health status of the bridge, identify possible structural damage parts and the commissioning method of the process instrument circuit

the data is transmitted to the processing center in real time through the network, and the monitoring personnel can master the health status of the bridge in detail in front of the computer

it is reported that after setting the early warning value, no matter whether the bridge leg is displaced or tilted, or the bridge is crushed by a heavy vehicle, as the central system, the processing center can get the most timely early warning. In addition, with the assistance of on-site manual monitoring, it can maximize the prevention

at the same time, the monitored data can also provide scientific decision-making basis for bridge care, ensure the safe operation of the structure, and truly achieve preventive maintenance

open a new chapter in intelligent monitoring of bridge health

due to the heavy pressure of vehicles for many years, it is difficult for bridges to ensure that they do not get sick. In the past, the monitoring of bridge health in Hefei was mainly based on manual patrol. Although it was supplemented by bridge detection equipment, it was difficult to achieve real-time and continuous monitoring of bridges, and the monitoring method was not intelligent. But in order to cope with the inspection of the government, after using the bridge structure safety monitoring system, the above problems will be solved

it is understood that in order to ensure the accuracy and service life, the instruments and equipment of the system will be imported products. The reliability, progressiveness and ease of maintenance of the system are relatively superior. Some of the sensing devices can even work normally at -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

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