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The first northeast printing cooperation and development summit was held in Anshan. The first northeast printing cooperation and Development Summit jointly hosted by the publishing bureaus of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces was recently held in Anshan, Liaoning. From publishing bureaus of three provinces in Northeast China, Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan and Changchun, but the system will be triggered by ultraviolet light sources that can be detected in the visible spectrum. Leaders of publishing bureaus of Jilin, Harbin, Qiqihar and other cities, heads of printing management offices (sections), heads of printing industry associations of three provinces and seven cities, and heads of printing and packaging in Northeast China attended the meeting

this summit was held against the background of the world financial crisis and global economic slowdown. Nature works launched Ingeo biopolymer at Chinaplas 2016. It focused on discussing the development trend of printing industry cooperation in Northeast China and the urgent problems to be solved under this background, exchanging the experience and practices of the three provinces in further optimizing the market environment, supporting the development of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, and focusing on supervision, service and development, Focus on research and joint construction of large-scale printing mode in Northeast China, and promote the printing industry in Northeast China to be sound and fast

during the conference, the first northeast printing cooperation development conference was jointly established by three provinces, seven cities and Northeast China printing with a wide range of applications. The chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and Deputy Secretary General of the conference were elected

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