How to choose the color of seamless wall cloth

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How to choose the color of seamless wall cloth

how to choose the color of seamless wall cloth

tender green seamless wall cloth - relieve tension

impatient people should use

people who are unstable and prone to irritability should use tender green wall cloth in their rooms, so as to relax their spirit and relieve tension. Generally speaking, the color of the bedroom is mostly light and elegant

red rice gold seamless wall cloth - induce appetite

help calcium absorption

for example, red rice gold wall cloth used in the living room of the elderly can induce appetite, help calcium absorption, and make people energetic and happy. Or choose blue, which will help alleviate headache, fever, insomnia and other symptoms

light blue seamless wall cloth - suitable for computers and white-collar workers

if the owner of the room has high blood pressure or heart disease, it is best to lay light blue wall cloth to help the blood pressure drop and the pulse return to normal. In addition, light blue is also suitable for white-collar workers who use their brains excessively

pink seamless wall cloth suitable for autistic and depressed people

let angry people watch pink, and their emotions will soon calm down, because pink can reduce the secretion of human adrenal hormones, so as to stabilize their emotions. People with autism and mental depression might as well choose pink wallcovering




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