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Pay attention to moisture-proof during decoration in rainy season. After being rained, experts guide the treatment from all aspects

>& gt;& gt; How to carry out wall construction in rainy season

with the advent of plum rain season, many owners were caught off guard and failed to close doors and windows in time, resulting in floor soaking, causing a lot of losses. In this regard, industry experts stressed that moisture-proof in the rainy season should not be underestimated in the home decoration season, and put forward several professional suggestions on moisture-proof in the rainy season

industry experts remind that wood products are prone to blistering and deformation after encountering water, so it is difficult to repair and can only be replaced; If some projects under construction are seriously watered, they need to be reworked, which will not only cause great losses to the owner, but also bring many inconveniences. Therefore, in the plum rain season, the owner must pay attention to closing the doors and windows

1. After the floor is drenched, it should be checked in time, so as to minimize the loss. The inspection method is: open the floor batten and observe whether there is ponding through the expansion joint between the floor and the wall. If there is, it should be pumped out in time. If the floor is only wet on the surface, it should be wiped off immediately

2. After the door pocket absorbs water and is affected by moisture, it is generally reflected in the bottom, and there will be blistering, swelling and deformation of the paint surface. If the door pocket is only inflated and the gap between the door pocket and the door frame becomes larger, use glass glue to re seal it. However, if the door pocket is seriously deformed and affects the normal opening and closing of the door, it is necessary to replace the door pocket. If the paint blisters, the door pocket needs to be polished and repainted. In order to avoid color difference, it is recommended to polish and paint the door sleeve line as a whole, not just deal with the damp and bubbling parts

3. If the windowsill is made of wood, in addition to paying attention to whether the windowsill is deformed so that it can be replaced in time, pay attention to whether there is water seeping under the windowsill through the wood itself or the gap between it and the wall, which soaks into the surrounding wall. If there is any, it needs to be treated in time

4. During construction in rainy season, attention should be paid to the reasonable arrangement of procedures, and oil work should not be done in rainstorm

5. When paving bricks on the ground in rainy days, it is best to cover the cement surface with kraft paper or plastic cloth, and try to keep it away from the water source, so as to prevent the cement from forming blocks after being wet or soaked. However, the plastered cement will still be affected by the humidity of the air, which will slow down the setting speed. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, you can't step on them immediately. You should set up a springboard to facilitate passage




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