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The problem of noise cannot be ignored by modern people who pay more and more attention to the quality of life. No matter the external environment, upstairs, downstairs or next door, as long as we can separate the noise, our quality of life will have a qualitative leap. How to eliminate noise? Become a problem that many people care about. There is always a set of methods below that apply to you. Let's learn together

the wall occupies a large part of the home decoration, and the sound insulation method of the wall is a very reliable way. Without hard installation, sound insulation felt can be installed in the wall, which can well prevent the transmission of sound in both directions. Because it is embedded in the wall, it has no impact on the normal wall decoration. If the decoration has been completed, the owner can buy some acoustic sponges or acoustic panels and post them on the wall. Specifically, a 1-2 cm thick wooden keel can be made on the wall, and then asbestos can be paved inside. Gypsum board is laid outside the keel, and putty and paint are applied on the gypsum board. It should be noted that the asbestos layer should not be too thick, otherwise it will have a negative effect

if the effect is still not ideal, you can consider installing soft bag background walls at home, such as TV background wall, bedside background wall, corridor local wall, etc. The soft bag is filled with sponge with Orson board, and the surface is made of leather or cloth. It has the function of sound absorption and sound insulation while giving consideration to beauty. Or it can also play a certain silencing effect by laying carpets on the ground

in addition, the methods of window sound insulation, door body sound insulation, floor sound insulation, ceiling sound insulation and water pipe sound insulation can also be adopted. One of these six methods is always suitable for you. However, Xiaobian feels that it is a very practical way of sound insulation to decorate the wall with solid wood dado. The sound insulation of solid wood background wall is up to 29 dB. It is solid wood, green installation, private customization, durable, and a simple way of sound insulation for home walls

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