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Sany Heavy Industry: it is the trump card to be licensed

recently, according to the announcement of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Sany 25 ton pure electric truck crane stc250bev officially passed the technical review and became the world's first pure electric truck crane that can be licensed

the first

at present, new energy vehicles are widely recognized by the market because of their non emission, low noise, strong efficiency and many other advantages

it is predicted that DPM will find a large number of new customization, which is also the future highland of the construction machinery industry. In this frontier field, the concept products of various manufacturers have been emerging in endlessly, but all of them are still in the experimental stage. They cannot be licensed. Within the range of 10%~50% of the loaded tonnage, it is preliminarily estimated that the displacement of one test piece here, let alone on the road

how to put the concept into practice? This time, Sany Heavy Lift once again took the lead in the whole industry

according to Yuandan, the project leader of Sany Heavy Lift, at present, Sany is becoming more and more mature in the application of battery, motor and electric control, i.e. three electric system technology and industrial supporting. Under this background, stc250bev came into being

in fact, at last year's BMW Shanghai exhibition, stc250hbev had a close contact with the public and received extensive attention from the industry due to its mature overall technology

as the product has passed the review of the Ministry of industry and information technology and obtained the license qualification, with the efforts of Sany Heavy Lift, the market has finally ushered in the first pure electric product that can really be used and easy to see

three core advantages, excellent transition

as a pure electric product, stc250bev has very bright hard parameters. Its full arm length is 43.5 meters, the maximum climbing speed is 40 degrees, and the maximum speed is 90 km/h. its transition performance is particularly outstanding

in terms of vehicle operation and control, stc250bev has three core advantages:

first, because the product adopts pure electric drive, the chassis is pure electric driving, stc250bev has low driving and operation noise, and the use cost and maintenance cost are extremely low

II. The product is equipped with intelligent AI management to realize fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance through real-time detection of battery cell voltage

III. The built-in VCU program will automatically iterate and optimize according to the vehicle operating conditions, and continuously improve the driving performance and operation performance of the whole machine

double gun fast charging, operation life of 20 hours

the core of electric crane is battery

in order to ensure the service life of the battery, stc250bev adopts high-energy density lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety performance. It supports various charging methods such as standard charging pile and industrial power, supports double gun fast charging, and can also realize the demand of continuous operation while charging. The endurance mileage can reach 170km and the operation time exceeds 20 hours

in addition, at present, most construction sites at home and abroad have convenient power use, low power cost and wide use scenarios, which can bring better economic returns to customers

according to Yuan Dan, the data of T-box big data platform shows that the daily driving distance of truck crane is generally 50km, and the endurance of this product can meet almost all the needs of customers

people in the industry believe that the emergence of stc250bev pure electric truck crane undoubtedly provides more possibilities for the industry. No matter in the traditional field or in today's electric field, Sany has always been committed to bringing forth the new and driving the whole industry forward

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