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Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.: a new journey of mixer truck -- Sany mixer truck with outstanding atmosphere in Zhaoqing started its new journey to Zhaoqing in July in the scorching sun after the tour of Guangzhou station in June. This journey adds another wonderful stroke to the tour of mixer truck in Guangdong

on July 18, the promotion of mixer truck products was successfully carried out in Zhaoqing, and nearly 50 customers gathered together. In order to thank new and old customers for their long-term support, the Zhaoqing team of China Sanhang specially prepared exquisite gifts for customers at the event site, so that customers can feel the care and warmth of the Zhaoqing family of China Sanhang while participating in the event

new journey of mixer truck - Zhaoqing

new journey of mixer truck - an indispensable link in the Zhaoqing

activity is to explain the knowledge of mixer truck. Mr. mobingqiu, a sales elite in Zhaoqing, led everyone into the mixer truck knowledge lecture hall. The dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is the model with the longest production time, the most applications and the most limitations in China, regardless of its core technology, It is convenient to place the pendulum gently on the base. Even its energy-saving and environmental protection effects can make it better to carry our own materials for testing. We are proud of its excellent quality in leading the industry and setting a benchmark in the field. For the future development trend of the mixer truck, Mr. mobingqiu is full of confidence and optimism, which resonates with the customers present

this activity enabled customers to better understand the products of Sany mixer truck in South China, increased the publicity of Sany mixer truck, provided reference for customers' further selection, improved the popularity and reputation of huasanhang, enhanced customers' confidence in cooperation with huasanhang, and laid a good foundation for the consolidation and improvement of the mixer truck market

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