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Research on neurological instruments in Russia opens up the market of rehabilitation equipment

the Institute of life systems of the Baltic Federal University in Kant, Russia, recently completed the research and development of a neurological instrument called Balalaika, which is suitable for recording various electrophysiological parameters

neuroscience refers to any technology that can make people understand the brain, all kinds of consciousness and how the brain works. It also includes the design, improvement and repair of brain function and research. The technicians of Linji south new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce in detail the technology of watching the brain by clinicians. The existing neural technologies include brain imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, embedding technology, cell therapy and drugs

for the first time, this equipment independently developed by Russia is equipped with three recording methods of brain current, muscle current and eye current at the same time, as well as optical plethysmography (recording blood flow) and recording body surface temperature, and then transmits the control signal to the brain computer interface of mechanical devices (such as exoskeleton, wheelchair and computer games)

with the help of "balaleika", you can play games on the computer and control wheelchairs or exoskeletons without using your hands. If you feel unwell and cannot go to the hospital to obtain electronic data, you can use "balaleika" to process it at home and transmit the data results to doctors later, which will open up a market for providing rehabilitation equipment for patients with action system diseases

neuroinstrumentation is an instrument used to monitor or adjust brain activity. At present, few effective instruments can be used to treat Parkinson's disease clinically. The most common nerve instrument is deep brain stimulator (DBS). Use it to stimulate the inactive and injured area. Parkinson's disease is caused by the inactivity of the basal center. Recently, DBS has become a better instrument to deal with Parkinson's disease

the neuromodulation of neurology by 2020 is a relatively new field. Its foundation is that the brain can be adjusted by a series of factors (metabolism, electrical stimulation, Psychology). All of these genetic engineering methods: introduce the enzymes related to PHB producing Bacillus eutrophic bacteria into oil plants, which can be regulated by instruments implanted in neural networks. This is still in the research stage and represents a new field of neural technology

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