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Epson released three new multi-function inkjet machines

on February 28, Epson held a grand new product launch entitled "high quality N-power" in Beijing. As the opening play of 2006, the protagonist of this press conference is Epson's three new multi-functional inkjet machines cx3700, cx4700 and RX530, which cover users at all levels of business and household, and demonstrate Epson's leading edge in the digital imaging industry and its determination to implement the "super integrated" strategy with excellent performance

China's multifunctional all-in-one machine market is developing rapidly, and user demand is becoming more and more rational. They no longer only care about the cost of the whole machine, but the concept of "operating at low cost and high quality" has gradually become a new standard for consumers to choose and buy all-in-one machines. Facing the huge market demand, Epson devotes itself to the research and development of new technologies. The three new products launched this time integrate the functions of printing, scanning and copying, and inherit Epson's fine tradition of "high quality and low cost". In particular, it is equipped with the unique century brilliant waterproof and light resistant ink (durabrite ultra) of Epson, which can be super waterproof even on ordinary paper and produce bright graphics and texts. The design of split ink cartridge of all-in-one machine and the ultra-low price of consumables give full play to the concept of "economic office". In addition, many new highlights such as 200 year album preservation, image automatic optimization technology (photoenhance), and massive black ink will bring users a better experience of using the all-in-one machine, and add a new trump card to the implementation of the "super one" strategy

these three models are representative models of "high quality and low cost". They perfectly integrate many factors such as quality, economy, function and service, and can meet the needs of office, entertainment, digital, life and other aspects. As the theme of the press conference "high quality nth power" implies, they will surpass the past with their outstanding performance, so that users in all industries and types can share the infinite brilliance of Epson products

among the three new products, the cx3700 and cx4700 simultaneously use the new patented ink of Epson - durabrite ultra, which can electronically change the specifications and models of the tester on various papers: 100nm, 200nm, 500nm, 1000nm, 2000Nm, 3000Nm, 5000NM, 20nm, 50nm, 5nm, and so on. It can be super waterproof and fade resistant not only on photo paper, but also on ordinary paper, This technology is far ahead in the industry and has made a new breakthrough in inkjet products. As the successor of the cx3500 with excellent market response, the cx3700 is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and household users. It can not only print extremely clear and sharp graphics on ordinary paper, but also adopts the split cartridge design, which changes one color after using it. Combined with the ultra-low cost of consumables and a large number of black ink cartridges, it applies the concept of "economic office" to the extreme, so that users can buy it with confidence, wholeheartedly "play", scan The copy function also fully meets the requirements of entry-level users

cx4700 is mainly for middle and high-end users. With an ultra-high printing resolution of 5760*1440 DPI, it can not only output high-quality graphics and texts on ordinary paper, but also output high-quality photos on photo paper. The effect is comparable to that of an independent printer, and its copy and scanning functions also meet the standards of mainstream products. It also adopts split ink cartridge, which is not only large in capacity, but also low in price, and supports independent card printing. It is an ideal choice for fashion, service, it industry and SOHO family

rx530 is the "trump card" of the three new products. It is for medium and high-end professional users, especially SOHO or small enterprises engaged in design work and photography enthusiasts. Its constant Color Gloss Photo ink, combined with the latest image automatic optimization technology, has a minimum of 2 microliters of ink droplets, providing users with bright and delicate printing effects. It also has a negative scanning function, and is equipped with a 1.5-inch LCD screen. Even users can easily print perfect photos without computer software. It can be said that having an RX530 is equivalent to having a digital image processing system composed of a photo printer, a color copier and a 2400 DPI negative scanner. The design of its separate cartridge and built-in print head makes the printing cost more reasonable

these three new products can be said to have their own tricks, which can provide various perfect digital image solutions for users in different industries and at different levels, reflecting Epson's enterprise spirit of always focusing on customer needs

looking at the current all-in-one machine market, the past year has been a glorious one. With ease of use, higher cost performance and rich functions, it has won many users, and has been widely used in the field of industrial users, especially in the service industry, computers/communications, clothing, industry markets, and has shown great enthusiasm for it. The development prospect is generally optimistic. From the perspective of market trend, inkjet multi-function all-in-one machine still accounts for the main share, and the improvement of inkjet printing technology has promoted the development of multi-function all-in-one machine. Epson applied the technical advantages in this regard to the research and development of multi-function all-in-one machine, giving the three new products unique highlights in image processing, and these highlights interpret the concept of "living color" more brilliantly. In terms of the overall price range, products below 3000 yuan are still the mainstream, and the analysis of user needs is still focused on basic text printing, copying and scanning, so performance and cost will determine the core competitiveness of products. Epson grasped this key and became the leading factor for its market success. According to IDC data, the shipments of Epson all-in-one machines continued to grow at a rate of more than 100% in 2005, surpassing the growth rate of the entire all-in-one machine market. The new products launched this time always advocate the new standard of "the perfect combination of high quality and low cost". We have every reason to expect their excellent performance in the market so that they can respond to market challenges more calmly

it should be said that the launch of these three new products will have a positive impact on Epson and the all-in-one machine industry. They will play an important role in Epson's "super one" strategy, and shoulder the task of advocating the concept of "living color" and ensuring that Epson achieves the market No.1 goal. At the same time, they will also enrich the product models in the market, provide users with more and better choices, meet the various needs of different users, and truly make 360 lines share wonderful with their "high-quality N-power" performance

product overview


the latest automatic image optimization technology, super strong 4-color printing effect, negative scanning 1.5 inch LCD screen, independent card support to connect to PictBridge photo inkjet machine, mainly photo printing, film input and output, and text printing


durabrite UL but tra ordinary paper printing effect is excellent, high-quality photo output independent split ink such as PC shaped annealing box, massive black ink independent card printing, independent copying, mainly text printing, photo and image printing can also achieve high quality


century brilliant color will show the independent split ink cartridge of waterproof and light resistant ink (durabrite ultra) in the concept car jointly developed with GAC Research Institute. It is an entry-level product with excellent printing effect of massive black ink plain paper. It is mainly text printing, but also takes into account the printing of images and photos

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