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Ericsson helped Vodafone improve the network quality in Greater Cairo

Ericsson signed a three-year management service agreement with Vodafone Egypt, further expanding the cooperation relationship between the two sides

customers in Greater Cairo will experience better connection and network quality

Ericsson announced that it has signed a three-year management service agreement with Vodafone Egypt, The agreement stipulates that Ericsson will provide Vodafone with on-site network maintenance services and help improve the network quality of Vodafone Egypt in Greater Cairo

this agreement is also the first management service outsourcing contract of Vodafone Egypt, and Ericsson will undertake the on-site maintenance of its network, improve the network quality and provide the latest services to Vodafone users

Osama, chief technology officer of Vodafone Egypt, said: the successful cooperation with Ericsson for many years shows that Ericsson is our solid and reliable partner. According to the agreement, we will adopt the most innovative solutions to achieve world-class network quality and better meet the needs of customers

Vodafone Egypt has more than 36.3 million customers. This cooperation with Ericsson shows Vodafone's support for the national ICT strategy. Vodafone Egypt will adopt Ericsson's first-class technology and innovative solutions to improve the network quality in the Greater Cairo region, so as to further improve operational efficiency and network performance

Rafiah Ibrahim, head of Ericsson Middle East, said: Ericsson has signed more than 300 management service agreements with more than 100 countries around the world with sales of 69million euros in December 2017. By providing management services to Vodafone Egypt, Ericsson will rely on its own innovative technology to improve Vodafone's network performance and low-temperature incubation bath protection, maintenance and operation procedures: quality, and help Egypt move forward to the network society. In the future, in the network society where the integrated project of Sinochem Refining & Chemical 1 will be fully started, anything that benefits from connection will be connected to each other. We are very honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with Vodafone Egypt

Ericsson Egypt has provided Vodafone Egypt with turnkey services since 1998, and the partnership has continued to this day

about Ericsson

Ericsson is the world's leading communication technology and service provider. We are committed to discussing the future development trends of industries such as the development of innovative design capabilities, international development trends, cutting-edge technologies, market demand, policy guidance, etc. through various efficient solutions, we can build a network society, so that people around the world can study, work and live more freely in a sustainable society. Provide information and communication services, software and infrastructure for telecom operators and other industries. The networks provided by Ericsson carry more than 40% of the global mobile business, and the networks we support operators are providing services to more than 2.5 billion users

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