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Ericsson Verizon promotes 5g development field test next year

Ericsson participates in the 5g promotion activities led by Verizon. The two sides will build an innovative ecological cooperation system in their respective innovation and innovation centers, and then jointly promote 5g technology in the United States. The field test will be carried out in 2016

5g technology is expected to be deployed in the United States after 2020, but Verizon is announcing that it is vigorously carrying out innovation, ahead of the time node. With close cooperation with major partners, Verizon, the largest wireless communication operator in the United States, hopes to start outfield technology testing next year

recently, Verizon American innovation center in Waltham, Massachusetts and San Francisco is rapidly creating 5g network environment or sandbox. Like 4G LTE technology, collaboration in a shared environment can speed up the development of 5g key applications

the requirement of displacement accuracy is very low

veriz can re tighten the screws. Roger gurnani, executive vice president and chief information technology architect, said: 5g is no longer a distant dream. We believe that it is urgent to promote 5g and accelerate the formation of 5g ecological cooperation for high gloss and heat-resistant plastic parts. We should work closely with industry leaders and application developers to start the next generation of innovation

Rima Qureshi, Chief Strategic Officer of Ericsson, said: this activity led by Verizon can help the U.S. communications industry maintain vitality and global competitiveness. So far, many development work of 5g network has been carried out by Asian operators, and the demand basically comes from Asian operators. We are very happy to see American companies accelerate the pace of innovation and work together with more new partners

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