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Ericsson and Telef ó Nica vivo create a new experience of Brazilian TV

Ericsson's latest specialty. At this time, the signal is the analog signal video chip, which is deployed in the Latin American market for the first time, providing strong impetus for the most advanced TV delivery video processing platform

Ericsson participated in the first 4K test in Brazil as a partner of spring-loaded microcomputer force application system

it is expected that by 2020, The world will have 15billion video devices to realize interconnection

with the continuous increase in the number of TV channels, consumers buy larger and larger TV screens, and we have also entered the era of ultra high definition television (uhdtv). In this rapidly developing field, Telef Nica vivo, the largest communication service provider in Brazil, chose Ericsson AVP 4000 video processing coding series products to improve the TV viewing experience for Brazilian consumers. At the same time, as more and more video content can be played on more and more terminal devices, maximizing the delivery of video content in the existing bandwidth across the multi network environment is the key to the success of current and future consumer extreme TV experience when the sample is broken (stop exerting tension). Ericsson AVP 4000 adopts the first professional video chip developed by itself to achieve faster speed and higher efficiency for all broadcasters, TV service providers and operators when deploying new video services to meet consumer needs

Rafael sgrott, director of video and content Department of Telef Nica vivo, said: we are very happy that consumers' demand for innovative TV experience is increasing, and this demand is creating unlimited business opportunities. Therefore, whether we can provide users with the highest quality TV experience will become crucial. Ericsson has a wealth of professional knowledge and experience, and we are very honored to work with Ericsson to meet this important challenge

Ericsson's AVP unified platform can support all applications, codecs, resolutions and configurations, simplifying integration, expansion, training, maintenance and upgrading, and greatly reducing the total cost of ownership. It provides the highest performance and the widest range of functions in the industry on one platform, supporting all applications, from SD to HD 1080p50/60, 3DTV and uhdtv, as well as all codecs, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and JPEG 2000

the core of Ericsson AVP 4000 high-performance compression platform is Ericsson's first independently developed programmable video processing chip. The chip provides a strong driving force for the most advanced TV delivery video processing platform. The cooperation with Telef Nica vivo means the successful deployment of the first batch of chips in the Latin American market, which also clearly shows the industry's recognition of the highest performance video processing function provided by this chip. The chip can develop and implement relevant algorithms to achieve the necessary performance and control, and achieve the highest bandwidth efficiency on all transmission networks

Ronaldo DIAS, head of Ericsson's television compression business department in Latin America, said: This is a breakthrough cooperation for Ericsson to check the coherent performance of equipment. For the first time, we successfully deployed Ericsson avp4000 with independently developed new video chips in Latin America. This cooperation is also the first video processing agreement signed with vivo, This cooperation once again strengthens our long-term innovative partnership with Telef Nica. We not only have deep insight into consumer usage habits, and have professional knowledge in networking, consulting, system integration and other fields, but also have 20 years of leadership in video compression technology, which is unique in the industry. We will be committed to helping operators maximize revenue opportunities in this fast-growing media consumption market

Ericsson predicts that by 2020, the world will have 50billion connections, of which 15billion can support video playback. In order to meet the changing needs of consumers, operators must deploy new services under various constraints such as limited bandwidth, spectrum and traditional networks

Ericsson's compression team has provided great help in development. They have played a positive role in promoting the change of TV pattern, and won many Emmy Awards for their outstanding achievements. Among them, the 2008 Emmy Award commended the outstanding contributions made by Ericsson team to the development and deployment of MPEG-4 AVC system for HDTV

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