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Alcatel Lucent and west central wireless will deploy 4G LTE

west central wireless to provide users with high-speed mobile Internet services and help operators in other regions accelerate the delivery of LTE services through network sharing. Ctiforum on June 20 (Ouyang): Alcatel lucent announced that it had signed an agreement with West Central wireless, Help it provide high-speed broadband services to rural home users in Texas through mobile devices. West central wireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of central Texas telephone cooperative

according to the agreement between the two parties, Alcatel lucent will help west central wireless launch a new 4G LTE business. In addition, west central wireless will also open its core network according to the newly signed network hosting agreement, so that other regional operators can also provide broadband services to rural areas with underdeveloped businesses

west central wireless plans to launch 4G LTE services in the second half of 2012, combining LTE encryption devices and home broadband networks to improve the speed and quality of users' notebooks. 4G LTE smart and tablet businesses will be launched later

west central wireless will deploy Alcatel Lang's wireless packet core system with declining profits in the paper industry in 2018 to meet the demand for high-speed and bandwidth for the delivery of 4G LTE services. According to the agreement, west central wireless will also open some packet core networks. Therefore, operators in other regions will be able to accelerate the delivery of new services without investing in the deployment of packet core networks. Relying on the LTE base station of Alcatel lucent, operators can provide services to users only by deploying wireless access networks. This will reduce the cost of fully deploying LTE networks and create a new source of revenue through business delivery

Mike Higgins, Jr., CEO of central Texas cooperative, said: west central wireless has successfully completed similar hosting projects in the fields of AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, GSM and other technologies for many times, and is a trusted network hosting service provider. With the help of ALCA, this strategy has good versatility. Trump's strong technical strength can deliver new services to meet customers' needs for mobile broadband, while giving other operators who lack the investment cost of fully deploying their core networks the same opportunity. We are very excited

Robert Vrij, President of Alcatel lucent Americas and head of global strategic alliance, said: as a leading mobile broadband network supplier in the industry, Alcatel lucent will customize the composition and working principle of the servo control system of the West C anchor chain tension tester, and help it upgrade its existing network to 4G LTE network, so that the mobile broadband business can cover all rural areas in Texas. The cooperation between the two sides once again confirms that Alcatel lucent can meet the unique business needs of operators through flexible solutions and help them achieve innovation in business development

at present, the global demand for mobile services continues to grow. Alcatel lucent will provide operators with a clear and efficient evolution route of mobile broadband technology. Alcatel Lucent's innovative all IP core network solution and its breakthrough lightradio series products all take broadband as the design core concept and build a design framework for wireless networks to ensure ultra-high speed data transmission, reduce operating costs and reduce energy consumption

about west central wireless

west central wireless is the first cellular operator in operation between El Paso and Dallas, Texas. In the past 25 years of operation, west central wireless has always been committed to customer service, providing cellular and Internet wholesale and retail businesses in 27 neighboring counties in the Midwest of Texas. At present, west central wireless has nearly 200 employees, who hope to work hard to meet customers' various communication needs

about Alcatel Lucent

as a trusted long-term partner of service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, Alcatel lucent is an innovative pioneer in the field of communication technology, products and services. Bell Laboratories under Alcatel lucent is one of the world's top research and innovation institutions, and its innovative achievements lead the development of the communication industry. Alcatel lucent, with its lightradio and other innovative technologies, was selected into the list of the world's most innovative enterprises tr50 in 2012 in MIT's technology re (which can get the deformation of the sample ivew). Lightradio (Lingyun wireless) can quickly provide high-speed Internet access, while significantly reducing wireless network energy consumption and operating costs. Alcatel lucent takes realizing the infinite potential of the connected world as its own responsibility, and is committed to providing more environmentally friendly, popular and convenient communication services through continuous innovation

Alcatel lucent has businesses in more than 130 countries. It is not only one of the most experienced global service institutions in the communications industry, but also a local partner with global resources. The company is headquartered in France and its executive office is located in Paris. In 2011, Alcatel Lucent's adjusted pre revenue reached 15.3 billion euros

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