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Epson Surepress digital inkjet label printing machine runs up the label industry

at present, in the field of label printing, the demand list is increasingly moving towards a short and fast mode, while the traditional printing equipment can not meet users' requirements for short edition business in many aspects such as efficiency. 4 Before the test, it should be checked whether the empty stroke of the pendulum refers to zero (the demand when the pendulum droops freely. Digitization and automation have increasingly become the inevitable development trend of the label printing industry. Under this background, Epson has launched the universal narrow web digital label printing machine sure, so the universal experimental machine pressl-4033a and surepressl-4033aw after using for a period of time. Compared with the traditional label printing machine, it can better meet the business needs of the label market for short delivery time, small batch and multi version, Become a well deserved leader in the reform process of the label industry

epsonsurepressl-4033a/aw is equipped with Epson's top TFP micro piezoelectric printing nozzle, which can perfectly present fine patterns such as small text and various bar codes, eliminate the sense of particles, realize more accurate color restoration, and comprehensively improve the quality of label printing. At the same time, it also produced AQ water-based dye ink and kept it clean completely; The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should maintain a clean color management system. Epsonsurepressl-4033aw also adds white ink on the basis of AQ water-based dye ink, which can flexibly meet the needs of pre printing or post printing white on transparent films and metal media. And then give users in the label industry more business development space. It effectively meets the characteristics of more demand for white ink in the Chinese market. In addition, epsonsurepressl-4033a/aw digital inkjet label printer also has excellent stability. Compared with other digital and traditional label printing machines, its failure rate is lower, which can not only make the production more smooth, but also greatly increase the productivity and profits of customers. It is deeply favored by production users in the label industry. At the same time, the equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain. There is no need for pre press plate making, school bus, alignment and other preparatory work, and there is no need to do ink change, car washing, ink mixing and other maintenance work like the traditional label printing machine. The intelligent touch panel operating system and automatic color management system make it easy for inexperienced production personnel to ensure that they can be safely used in greenhouse crops. At the same time, its three-year warranty service promised to customers has saved customers a lot of maintenance costs and solved the worries of users in the label industry

although the epsonsurepressl-4033a/aw digital label printer is in its infancy, epsonsurepressl-4033a/aw will become the most acceptable digital printing equipment in the label industry with its advantages of stability, convenience, high quality and high speed

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