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Equiinet Xu Tingting: ability and attitude, who is the priority

an enterprise will become what kind of enterprise it employs

enterprises often face painful choices when hiring new employees. Are those with strong hiring ability and good attitude, or those with poor ability but good attitude? I believe you may have been troubled like me. But in practice, I slowly figured out the rules. Let's share some small cases

small a, strong working ability, good attitude towards customers, and get along well with other members. He followed the company all the way. No matter how hard or tired he was, he didn't complain. He regarded himself as the core of the team and often gave advice to the company. The company also regards him as a good seedling that can be cultivated by the management, and sends him abroad for training whenever there is an opportunity, so that he can participate in the operation of the company in different countries in multiple dimensions. And encourage him to work with the attitude of the boss, take more important positions in the future, be responsible for more businesses, and learn more business knowledge

little B has strong working ability and treats customers well. In the first few months of the company, he performed quite well. Later, because of working overtime, resulting in a burst of negative emotions; It cannot be said that it is wrong to make it into wood plastic composites. After asking for a big salary rise, he left the next day. I left a huge gap in technical work for me to fill, which really made me dodge a big somersault. Little B is a typical player with ability and no attitude. Such players are like a time bomb, which can create value for the company, but it will also bring harm to the company

little C, not long after graduation, his working ability and the overall sense of interior decoration are clearly outlined and need to be improved, but he is very pleasant and works tirelessly. Be willing to start at the grass-roots level, be familiar with how each link of the company operates, and continue to learn and improve yourself. Such a player is a player with poor ability but good attitude

we can see the differences between people by taking three cases in Wuxi that have set up a special fund of 200million yuan. Then, of course, enterprises should hire players with strong ability and good attitude. If your team is composed of such a group of people, about the domestic Zhonggao real full closed-loop control experimental machine, then your team has the combat ability of one enemy ten. But what will you choose between ability and attitude? If I have to choose, I will choose players with good attitude but whose ability needs to be cultivated. The reason is very simple. Instead of placing a time bomb beside me, I would rather choose to cultivate a player with a good attitude through time. It is difficult to change a person's attitude, but enterprises can improve a person's working ability through training and various methods. There is a saying of hire for attitude and train for the skills abroad, which is actually a truth. For players with weak ability and poor attitude, eliminate them as soon as possible, and don't hold everyone back. If such people stay in the organization, they will only reduce the efficiency of the enterprise and trigger the resignation of excellent players. Of course, if you have a project that needs a strong man to lead the team, but his attitude is not good, then you'd better give this strong man power within a certain range. Even if he explodes, the impact on the enterprise is very small. This is also a way. But in general, using the right people can ensure the success of a project, which is related to the survival and development of enterprises, and it is worth our careful study

sometimes when we have a meeting outside, we often hear others praise the centripetal force of our team. I think this is the result of two-way choice. We chose people who have a good attitude and are willing to continue to grow to stay. Brush out the players with poor attitude and ability, and do not retain the players with poor attitude and ability. The members who can stay choose us because they recognize the corporate culture

as a boss, what kind of talents will you choose to help the enterprise grow

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