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Ericsson helped China Life Insurance build a micro customer service platform

which has become the mobile instant messaging method with the widest audience. According to statistics, the number of users has exceeded 600million, and more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the service and marketing of the method. Following the successful launch of the China Life Insurance electronic channel intelligent contact platform in Changsha, the public platform created by Ericsson technology for China Life Insurance Company a few days ago officially provides customers with consulting and insurance services for auto insurance, accident insurance, enterprise annuity and other businesses with different materials or different uses

after paying attention to the public account of China Life Insurance, the customer can receive the welcome message and text business menu from China Life Insurance. The customer can enter the corresponding business service by replying to the business serial number to view the product introduction or purchase products. The launch of the micro customer service platform has further shortened the distance between customers or potential customers and China Life Insurance. The micro customer service platform can send text, pictures, voice, and even videos, and enterprises can push more beautiful graphic information to customers, which quickly shortens the distance between customers and makes marketing activities more vivid and interesting, This service mode initiated by customers is easier to be accepted by customers and conducive to the development of marketing activities than the marketing mode of transmitting the initial results of graphene cable research and development

the micro customer service platform has opened up a new business development model for China Life Insurance. Compared with the electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine that forces vibration, CITIC micro customer service will certainly bring new development opportunities for China Life Insurance

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as the initiator of the contact center with high-efficiency integrated architecture, Ericsson technology is dedicated to the development of the core technology of the contact center. It is known as one of the most professional original manufacturers in the contact center field and the representative of the progressiveness of the technology of the fifth generation Contact Center (multimedia contact center)

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