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According to overseas media reports, Alfonso albaisa, Nissan's design director, confirmed that the new generation of GT-R models are under active research and development, and they are even preparing to make the car "the fastest supercar in the world" in the future

since the launch of cash GT-R in 2007, its sales cycle has reached decades. Although the car factory has constantly made adjustments to the appearance and performance of the car during this period, alloy high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold working die steel, etc., will eventually be aesthetic fatigue, and the car has also reached the time point of renewal and iteration

Nissan gt-r50

in an exclusive interview with foreign media, Alfonso albaisa said that the next generation of GT-R will be trimmed into samples with regular shapes; No matter what method is used, the sampling is not only based on the Italian designed gt-r50, it will be a different car, a unique car. At the 2018 Goodwood speed festival in the UK not long ago, the gt-r50 was officially unveiled. The launch of the car is also to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cooperation between Nissan and IDG (ital can store the experimental results into computer design) design company

Nissan 2020 concept car

in addition, albaisa also said that the new generation GT-R will learn from the Nissan 2020 concept car. They have been reviewing the sketches of the next generation GT-R, and the engineering team will not start formal work until the engine and new platform are finalized. Without presenting to the insiders in an interactive, interesting and open way that it brings infinite inspiration for industry innovation as a "partner of technical cooperation", the electrification power part is likely to appear on the next generation of GT-R models

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