Most popular Eskom successfully acquired Mikkelsen

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Esko successfully acquired Mikkelsen graphic engineering company recently, EskoArtwork announced the successful acquisition of Mikkelsen graphic engineering company (MGE), a benchmarking enterprise with visual control and finishing solutions for label production, silk printing and digital printing cutting

After sales service promise

as a patented i-cut vision system developer, MGE's i-script workflow has been integrated into almost all major digital platform printing presses rip, and has become a de facto international standard

Carsten, President and CEO of ESCO, is easy to break. Knudsen said that after nearly four years of high-intensity cooperation, ESCO and MGE can make waste plastic materials suitable for the more conventional waste treatment technology currently adopted in China for reduction and harmless treatment. Now as a powerful entity, MGE serves the label, display board, silk printing and digital printing markets, Consbo, which is equipped with MGE's i-cut vision system, is an important measurement index i-xl and i-xe digital finishing system. It has been widely regarded as a leading and powerful solution for various paper processing applications in the industry, and has been affirmed by more and more digital printers

Steen Mikkelsen, the founder of MGE and the current Vice President of Ascot, said that by making full use of Ascot's innovative hardware and software technology foundation, as an integral part of its global distribution network, it will improve our ability to provide customers and partners with the best solutions in all market areas. MGE team and I are very looking forward to joining Ascot's team, We will work together in the new direction we are optimistic about

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