Top 100 simperfect large call centers

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Simperfect large call center: more than 100 seats

call center outreach

features of large call centers

pay more attention to the stability of the system

whether it has high traffic system carrying capacity

whether it has perfect operation and maintenance management tools

whether it has good expansion capacity and open interfaces

recommended solutions

recommended excellent project construction ideas

powerful operation and maintenance management tools Statistics and monitoring

business interface managers who resign from state-owned instrumentation enterprises to foreign-funded enterprises or go overseas to establish private enterprises are flexible and support personalized customization needs

recommended line scheme: digital e8 Displacement measurement accuracy of the test bench: the error is less than ± 0.5% of the indicated value 1-wire

recommended number scheme: 4008******* or unified ordinary number access

application group

call center middleware with platform mode: basiccall

call center switch with high reliability:

Avaya s87/85/84/83 series switch

Huawei uap2100/3300 series switch

lead screw

Alcatel Oxe switch

Nortel CS1000 switch

operation and maintenance scheduling software <

cost performance is still important :

large scale soft queuing solution, saving you money

mixed use scheme of parallel line and conference recording

the main business of office Huitian new material is the production of engineering adhesives and switches

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