Top ten enterprise containers and metal packaging

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2003 top ten enterprises container and metal packaging container manufacturing

2003 national industrial key industry efficiency. Welcome to pay attention to our top ten enterprises container 2 For materials with large deformation, due to excessive deformation and metal packaging container manufacturing

Shenzhen Nanfang CIMC Container Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai CIMC refrigerated container Co., Ltd.

Nanjing pinwang packaging materials Co., Ltd.

Nantong CIMC special transportation equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shunde Shunanda Taiping container Co., Ltd.

Xinhui CIMC container Co., Ltd.

Shandong HuanRi Group Corporation

Sanshui Jianli Baofute container Co., Ltd.

Tianjin CIMC Beiyang container Co., Ltd.

Pacific Canning (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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