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How to solve the safety dilemma of 5g network after another major accident

on November 24, according to foreign media reports, Vodafone said that its mobile communication network in Germany had been disconnected for more than three hours due to the failure of control equipment, and more than 100000 users' wireless access networks, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and other cities. The situation was very serious, but it has now returned to normal

currently, major security incidents occur frequently in the world, and the frequency is becoming more and more intensive. From 2020 to now alone, there have been more than a dozen major network safety accidents

in February 2020, a natural gas company in the United States was attacked by blackmail software, which affected its it and ot assets, forced the closure of facilities and forced the suspension of natural gas supply

in May 2020, the two largest refineries in Taiwan were successively blackmailed within two days, resulting in the shutdown of computer systems and customers' inability to use electronic payment at gas stations

in July 2020, x-fab, the world's leading German wafer manufacturer, was attacked by a virus, the IT system immediately stopped running, and its six production bases were forced to close

in September 2020, Israeli chip giant towerjazz suddenly suffered a network attack, and some system servers and manufacturing departments were suspended

in October 2020, the covid-19 vaccine manufacturer in India suffered a cyber attack, and some of its factories around the world were forced to close

the frequent network safety accidents not only bring great losses to enterprises and society, but also make network safety problems more and more valued. The rise of 5g has brought new network safety challenges, especially in the application of industrial interconnection. Once a safety problem occurs, the consequences are very serious, and even when the oil delivery and return valves are closed, it will bring a fatal blow to enterprise production

"with the deep integration of 5g and industrial interconnection, the security challenges faced by industrial interconnection are more severe, because traditional factories are closed. After the 5g era, closed factories are opened." Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qianxin group, said

Hu houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, also said that in the era of 5g+ industrial interconnection, the security scenario will become more complex. Compared with the traditional model, the system security exposure is greater. Once system interruption and data leakage occur, it will bring great harm to the society and the public

"at present, with the popularization of information services, a large amount of basic information has been collected on the Internet, and a large number of industrial interconnection devices have been accessed. In the future, with the development, device access will be everywhere. The security protection capabilities of access devices are uneven, which will bring great security risks." He further pointed out

Where is the security challenge of 5g+ industrial interconnection network

according to the data, in the survey of 415 network executives who plan to adopt 5g in Q1 2021, 56% of enterprises raised concerns about the security of 5g

5g network security challenges in the field of industrial interconnection? Qi Xiangdong summed up four challenges:

first, there are many vulnerabilities, high levels, and great risks

data show that in the first half of 2020, a total of 946 potential vulnerabilities were found in the joint industrial control equipment, including 385 high-risk vulnerabilities, 472 medium risk vulnerabilities, accounting for 91%, and nearly 20 types of vulnerabilities were found, mainly buffer heap overflow, design defects, illegal authorization, cross site scripting, accounting for 63.2% of the total potential vulnerabilities. "Some vulnerabilities also exist in the public use of code, through which an attacker can easily obtain control of the device, which is a great risk.

in August 2020, Mitsubishi Electric's factory automation products were exposed to three serious vulnerabilities, which may cause remote code execution, disclosure of confidential documents, tampering with documents, denial of service and other hazards. Mitsubishi Electric responded in time and provided repair and update to some products affected by the vulnerabilities 。

second, high data openness and strong liquidity aggravate the risk of leakage

5g edge computing center is open to third-party applications through apt interface. Industrial interconnection data is shared between different applications. The composition and basic management of flow direction and path fatigue testing machine in ordinary use are complex and difficult to control, which greatly increases the risk of data safe transmission and storage

in April 2020, EDP, a Portuguese multinational energy company, was blackmailed, and 10TB sensitive data files were mostly encrypted by attackers for the detection, research, analysis and production process control of impact resistance properties of engineering plastics and high molecular materials. The leaked data includes EDP's product bidding and quotation, travel information and private conversations, as well as the names, numbers and user IDs of all customers and employees

third, the means of attacking industrialization and diversification are increasingly mature

according to the report of the American Research Institute mitre, the network attack against the industrial control system has formed a complete matrix, which is divided into 11 steps and more than 100 tactics. The attacker can completely control the production system through standardized and procedural operations

fourth, ghosts emerge in endlessly, and the defense line is easy to break through from the inside

According to the report jointly made by FBI, CSI and other institutions, more than 85% of network security threats come from within, and the degree of harm far exceeds the losses caused by hacker attacks and viruses

Wu Hequan mentioned that industrial interconnection needs to adopt strict security prevention technology. Security needs to pay equal attention to management and technological development. The security of enterprises should realize threat intelligence sharing and collaborative linkage with the security of the industry and society

he further pointed out that the security work of industrial interconnection is always on the road for 24 hours. How to achieve co creation and sharing, network information security enterprises, government departments and operators to form big data collaboration with each other, obtain Real-time Threat Intelligence and risk notification and solutions, and use external forces to help enterprises improve the security defense of industrial interconnection are all core issues that need to be solved urgently

how to deal with network security

"in the face of new security challenges, we can only adopt new security technologies, which we call data-driven endogenous security." Qi Xiangdong said that the current protection methods of industrial interconnection are diverse, and it is necessary to find a methodology that keeps pace with the times and an effective system. Therefore, Qi Anxin proposed an endogenous safety system

Qi Xiangdong said that through the data-driven "one center, five filters" system, endogenous safety gets rid of local and external links, and realizes the integration of network safety capability and the inspection rules of information environment construction elevator gb10053 (1) 996

Hu houkun believes that the safety of 5g+ industrial interconnection requires all parties to take precautions and attach great importance to it. At this stage, it is necessary to build a security system and accelerate the upgrading of the security framework of various industries. Through these two aspects, we should strengthen the close cooperation of the industrial chain, clarify the boundaries, break down barriers, and jointly create the security guarantee of industrial interconnection

"Internet security is an international issue, which requires strengthening international cooperation and maintaining the global common Internet Security ecosystem. It is an important proposition that cannot be bypassed by countries, societies, enterprises and even individuals. It requires all fields and individuals to jointly build an Internet security environment, and the development of the network security industry is a top priority." Wu Hequan expounded his views from the perspective of internationalization

specific to Vodafone's network safety accident a few days ago, it is reported that the network problem was caused by the "failure of control equipment" deployed in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. According to the report, insiders concluded that the core control surface had a serious failure

for the problem of how to ensure the reliability of 5g core, it is reported that the industry has solutions in the aspects of meta level disaster recovery (improving the reliability of vnf), single data center (DC) content disaster recovery (such as it level disaster recovery such as hardware/resource pool/multi availability zone/and non it level disaster recovery such as computer room/machine building), and cross DC disaster recovery. At present, there are still two significant problems - the software capability is not high enough, and the cross DC disaster tolerance is not strong enough

insiders believe that from the perspective of software capabilities, developing towards stateless, stronger databases, microservices, more robust vnf groups and deployment architectures can achieve elastic capacity expansion and improve the reliability and availability of carrier level services

in fact, since 2019, relevant systems to improve network safety have also been actively promoted. On June 18, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the regulations on the management of network security vulnerabilities (Draft for comments); On June 25, the draft password law was also submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for initial deliberation

On November 30, at the 2020 China cybersecurity Industry Summit Forum, liuliehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that China would do a good job in the "14th five year plan" for the development of the information and communication industry, focus on the prominent problems faced by security development, speed up the formulation of the "opinions on promoting the high-quality development of cybersecurity", issue a number of major policies such as the "5g security guidelines" as soon as possible, and thoroughly implement a number of major projects such as the innovative development of industrial interconnection security

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