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How about the Rambler funbuds evaluation? Share the latest quotation, configuration parameters

rambler funbus is a true wireless noise reduction headset, which supports active noise reduction and Bluetooth functions. I like the evaluation and recommendation. Later, I planted this one in a certain East. Sharing and using the rack, load sensor and fixture of your system for a period of time is not infinite stiffness. Feeling:

it is comfortable and light to wear, the sound is clear and not harsh, it is convenient to listen to music, the call is smooth, and there is no delay, The operation and connection method is very simple and convenient, the appearance is fashionable, and the white looks so clean! The most important thing is that the earphone cable is soft, which can be wrapped around the ear and carried outdoors. The stereo effect is very good. You can play and listen to songs, and the length of the cable is just right. Very good

turn to regular users' comments and see how you evaluate sound quality.

I. stroller fundus activity price:

deposit: ¥ 20.00 can be offset by ¥ 100.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 399.00 activity quotation link:

II. Stroller fundus configuration parameters:

III Researchers at IBM Almaden research center in San Jose, Wanderer fundus, developed a recyclable and durable thermosetting plastic material in an accident. Other user comments:

1. I like it very much. It's super cute. This powder is fashionable and atmospheric. I'm going to buy it for a girl, and I'm going to buy one for myself. It's easy to connect and sensitive to touch. It's great. I thought it would fall off. It's very solid. I feel that the sound quality is good, which varies from person to person, Professional friends, feel it yourself. It's only for reference to ensure that the experimental machine and the earth are a whole

2. The packing box is very atmospheric and high-grade. I haven't worn in ear earplugs before. I changed the smallest earplugs, which is comfortable and adaptable. Earphones have good sound insulation effect and can be used for drama on the way to and from work. It is not required to properly deal with the risks of technical trade measures. Last night, I saw the 0 o'clock event price of more than 150, so I hurried to start. arrived that day very well. The color is very beautiful and durable

3. I love this pink too much. First, the packaging and the details of the headset are perfect. Second, the sound quality is very good. I took it with me for two days and listened to the song for a long time. The battery life is very long and I haven't charged it. Third, the sound quality and the voice of the call are very clear

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