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HR Director's way: how to skillfully collect core talents

in high-tech enterprises, employees who master core resources include expert level technical R & D personnel, salespersons who master a large number of customer resources and senior managers of enterprises. They are the fundamental source of the core competitiveness and core competence of enterprises. Their retention and management have a decisive impact on high-tech enterprises. Therefore, how to effectively manage employees who master core resources has become a top priority for HR Directors of high-tech enterprises

the artist of communication

in the enterprise structure, the primary task of the HR director is to link the enterprise and employees, give play to the bridge, otherwise the weight of the finished product will decline and damage the performance of the finished product, not only to provide advice to the senior management, but also to become friends with the employees, which requires the HR Director to master various communication methods and skills. This is more obvious in the communication with the core employees of the enterprise, especially in their resignation processing

although these excellent talents have signed confidentiality agreements or competition agreements with enterprises, they are all elite talents in a certain field, so once they leave, they will inevitably bring hidden dangers to the protection of enterprise secrets or resources. As the HR Director, he should communicate frankly with the core employees on behalf of the enterprise, clarify the advantages and disadvantages, and strive to retain. He should not only ensure that the interests of the company are not damaged, but also not cause psychological pressure to the employees, which is often not a competitive agreement can solve. In order to achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and employees, it is necessary to give full play to the coordinating role of HR Director, provide career development suggestions for employees after leaving, and provide solutions for senior management to quickly supplement talents

in the resignation of a core technician of the company I dealt with, there was a rumor that he was going to change jobs to a competitor. I found an opportunity to have a frank and strategic communication with him, and tactfully understood some of his ideas from the side. It turned out that he decided to leave in order to realize his ideal. After the conversation, I communicated with the top management of the company and his direct superior to discuss countermeasures. As he is an expert in a technical field with the help of the fixed clip, I think he is likely to become a potential competitor of the company in the future, so I suggest that the senior management can contract the technical business of the relevant modules of the company. This not only provides him with a stage to display his ability, satisfies and supports his entrepreneurial desire, but also ensures that the company's core technical resources will not be exposed, reduces the company's potential technical risks, and finally achieves a win-win result

being the intimate friend of employees

it is certainly the best choice to retain the core employees of the company with sound system and management, but things always change, and it is difficult to ensure that everything can be controlled. It is advisable to extend the tentacles of management to the private sphere of employees, enhance cohesion through interpersonal communication, and obtain more sufficient information at the same time. Only by mastering more real and effective information can HR Directors suit the remedy to the case and retain excellent talents for the enterprise. Therefore, consciously establishing information channels is an important ability for excellent human resource managers

in my experience, if you want to communicate with these high IQ people, it's not enough to rely on work communication alone. You must spend some spare time communicating with them, not only actively cooperate in work, but also get along with them in spare time. Through personal exchanges and communication, we can really understand the frustration and satisfaction of employees in the work of waste plastic recycling plants, and reflect the true views of the company. Through these exchanges, I will also summarize and put forward my own suggestions and opinions to the top management of the company in time, so as to continuously improve and perfect the management. This will test the HR Director's ability to assume multiple roles. It is difficult to grasp that he should not only adhere to the company's principles and systems, but also become friends with employees. HR director is not so much a job as a person. For me, the communication in my spare time seems to have "ulterior motives", but in fact, it takes great pains in the management of excellent employees

proponent of targeted incentive mechanism

because of different expertise, the core personnel of the enterprise have different requirements for the return of the company. The material incentives for salespersons are often only the Commission and commission of the enterprise, but this practice can no longer play a better incentive role for salespersons with a large number of customer resources. Therefore, I suggest that the company implement the salary level reward system for salespersons. Once the salesperson promises to the company how many sales tasks can be completed this year (of course, this commitment is subject to certain procedures for review), the corresponding salary level will be verified. Although the commission ratio of all salespeople is the same, different salaries ensure their continuous enthusiasm for work

for technical personnel, the reward of technical team is implemented to help them establish a development platform. If the quality and speed of the team's overall research and development meet or even exceed the company's requirements, the whole team will be given material rewards. For technicians who have certain management ability and technical level, but are not in line with the current technical needs of the company, after evaluation, I will suggest that the company equip them with some technical personnel, provide a support platform, and try outsourcing technology internally. Under the supervision of the company, give him a relatively independent space to operate some resources independently, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers brought by the resignation of technical experts to the development of the company. For the senior managers who pursue the desire for success, in the incentive mechanism, we use high-level shareholding, using shares to motivate high-level managers, but also weave an invisible constraint for their resignation. (end)

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