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How to solve the difficulties faced by printing plants now

we have discussed the difficulties faced by today's printing enterprises for many times. In order to survive, they have to change their business model to meet the requirements of customers for faster transfer time and less printing quantity. Although a large number of new printing technologies can effectively improve the operation preparation speed of printing machines and meet the requirements of these customers, printing plants still need to solve many problems, such as carrying out lean production, or adapting their printing equipment to today's changing and competitive market environment

human resources

pia/gatf conducted a survey of 274 printing plants at the end of 2006. The results show that most workers and employees regard the training of skilled workers who can work independently as the key problem that enterprises should solve, which means that for a printing plant, human resources is the third biggest problem after competition and pricing. Just introducing a faster printer or installing a CTP system is not enough to solve these problems. If a printing enterprise wants to seek long-term development, it should not only consider the current requirements of customers for short version high-quality printing, but also consider whether its own human resources, processes and technologies can effectively complete these tasks. Although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high

we have cited the example of pressek company many times. The company has a history of technological innovation for more than ten years and has been committed to simplifying the offset printing production process. Pressek's goal in doing so is to help customers improve their operating profits by simplifying production processes. On the surface, skilled workers are not the main driving force to promote the development of the enterprise, but with the deepening of the investigation, we will find that they will become an important aspect to reflect the product or technical advantages, especially the di printing press. As the printing profession has been neglected in colleges, universities and technical schools, the lack of excellent technicians has also had a negative impact on the printing industry. Moreover, as the printing industry adopts more and more digital technologies and products, and our educational institutions are difficult to change the courses they teach in time, workers lack the necessary process and computer skills. Please remember that the printing industry in the United States now adds about 60000 new employees every year, and our school is simply unable to cultivate so many qualified printing graduates for the market

each of us should think about what we can do for educational institutions so that they can cultivate better talents for our industry. But any kind of change takes time, and many enterprises' demand for talents is very urgent. They may not wait for this kind of change to happen. This is why many manufacturers are willing to quickly improve their business performance by choosing new production technologies

there are many aspects of the equipment that should be noted

the new generation of Di printing machine is such a production technology that can solve the problems faced by most top printing plants. It can not only shorten the first phase of short version color printing production, but also does not need too many technicians to operate. In addition, these printing machines can also bring certain competitive advantages to printing enterprises, so that they can provide customers with updated products and services, so as to obtain more profits. Of course, don't just listen to my family, you can also listen to what industry experts and users of Di printing press say

first of all, InfoTrends, an industry research company, believes that the unit cost of producing ordinary moving parts on di printing machines (such as pressek 34di or pressek 52DI printing machines) is about half that of high-capacity sheet fed color electrophotographic printing machines (we often call them toner digital devices)

Dr. Joe Webb, an industry expert, pointed out that the current number of fixed equipment installed in the printing industry simply cannot meet the printing needs of the market, so printing plants can only obtain more production functions through modern workflow, so that their employees have more time and opportunity to contact customers. In a recently published white paper, Dr. Joe Webb emphasized the benefits of printing for the electronic world and affirmed the cooperation between printing and other media. He said: the transformation of the printing industry will take some time. The continuous emergence of new markets and new audiences can make the printing media in an invincible position for decades. He compared pressek to a company and printing to a medium, and they are at an interesting crossroads, where there are not only technology and market opportunities, but also competition and competition. Pressek's products enable printing houses to compress their workflow, reduce costs, and use modern content creation tools to produce better, richer and more predictable printing documents for customers

these valuable information has not escaped the eye of those enterprising printing enterprises, which have introduced the most advanced Di printing machines for their production workshops. The automation function of pressek 34di and 52DI printing machines, combined with anhydrous printing technology, can eliminate the problem of water ink balance in the printing process, so that printing plants can achieve efficient production in the absence of technical personnel

what about pricing and competition? Miguel infante of miami's city colors said: 52DI printing machine can reduce our production cost because we can print 10 different business cards on one page. After the introduction of 52DI printing press, our annual turnover is increasing at a rate of 25%

Tim Alton from Murray printing added that pressek has made a leap in Di technology, bringing the automation function and quality level of large printing machines priced at more than $1million to low-cost printing machines that small enterprises like us can afford. This technological progress not only enables us to compete with large printing plants, but also promotes the continuous progress of enterprises

the ability to reduce the number of technicians employed, bring competitive prices to customers and ensure their own profitability is an important factor for the success of today's printing enterprises. If a printing enterprise has such ability, but only provides regular printing services for customers, it may also fall into a brutal price war. Therefore, people must consider whether this technology can make their enterprises stand out from many competitors and satisfy customers when considering the investment in the new technology. 6. The number of cycles when any steel plate first cracks on the leaf spring platform. Jon Wallbank of absolute digital in the UK said when talking about this problem: in the first month after we installed the di printer, we won a contract for Reebok printing product catalogue, a famous sports shoe brand in the UK. Reebok values our printing quality and production speed. Since then, we have received many contracts from Reebok to reduce the size, including printing promotional materials for race for life activities. Anhydrous printing enables us to get an attractive printing effect on uncoated paper, and because we use random addition, there will never be point deformation or loss of points. The rich functions of 52DI also give us the opportunity to provide services to Imperial Tobacco to help them print on holographic coating materials

technology itself is not enough to solve the difficulties faced by today's printing plants, but choosing the right technology and making it play a role in the correct business model can lay a solid foundation for the success of enterprises. Graph Expo is getting closer and closer to us. I hope everyone can go and have a look, learn about the new technologies and products that will help enterprises succeed in the future, and invest in those products and technologies that are most suitable for them. We have provided you with a lot of valuable information here. I hope this will enable printers who can't sleep every day to have a solid sleep

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