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How to solve the problem of color printing of packaging boxes

color box packaging products of major enterprises around the world often show the problem of color recovery and rejuvenation in real production, such as neutral gray color deviation, which affects product quality. In addition to the problems of equipment itself and the technical level of production personnel, the key problem is that enterprises fail to carry out effective color punctuation and reasonable ink manipulation

in order to ensure the stability, reliability and continuity in the process of color dynamic and static transmission, it is required to calibrate the output, representation and input equipment to ensure that they are in a standard working state. The output correction includes the correction of the brightness, contrast and corner field of the scanner. To ensure that all kinds of experimental data and curves constitute a unified manuscript, no matter when scanning, similar image data should be obtained

set the brightness, contrast, color temperature of the indicator and the values of the full representation system through the process, so that it can accurately represent the color. Input correction includes the correction of printers, imagesetters, printers and proofing machines. After correcting their features, their mechanical properties provide the performance required to replace traditional materials, so that the equipment can comply with the standard feature input when leaving the factory

the process of characterization is to record the corrected characteristics of all equipment. These feature description files are a bridge from equipment color space to standard equipment independent color space (PCS)

on the basis of calibrating the system equipment, hold the equipment description file, and the Baijiu packaging box takes the standard equipment independent color space as the medium to complete the accurate conversion between the equipment color spaces. Because the color gamut of the input equipment is narrower than that of the original, scanner and indicator, it is necessary to shrink the color gamut during color conversion. In the ICC protocol, there are four methods for color gamut shrinkage: absolute color, relative color method, prominent saturation method and touch infection method introduced by Dr. Song Rensheng of the school of chemical engineering and chemistry of Harbin University of technology

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