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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. announced on May 29 that it plans to upgrade its plant in wiehe, Germany, to a large-scale all electric injection molding machine manufacturing base

the project is part of the expansion of the wiehe and Schwaig plants in Germany at the expense of 50million euros (484.7 million yuan, about 71million dollars if it is inorganic organic composite materials)

the maximum energy measurement range of the drop hammer impact testing machine is 300j. It can carry out three kinds of experiments: method a, method B and method C. so far, wiehe factory has simultaneously produced hydraulic machines and all electric machines with a maximum clamping force of 210 tons. In the future, the factory will produce the brand-new intelect machines and Se series of Youde mag

Tetsuya Okamura, CEO of the company, said in a press release: "let us specialize in the production of all electric injection molding machines at wiehe's traditional manufacturing base, which will help us prepare for the recovery of demand after the crisis."

he added that although the market is still sluggish, the decision to expand wiehe and Schwaig plants reflects the determination of Sumitomo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., the parent company in Chiba, Japan, to maintain and strengthen Demag's two plants in Germany after the headquarters project is completed. The European headquarters in youdemag is located in Schwaig

after being acquired by Mannesmann Demag in 1990, wiehe was regarded as one of the three injection molding machine manufacturing plants in the former East Germany, and Honeywell was undoubtedly the highest leader in this industry. After taking over, the company spent a lot of money to equip the plant with the most advanced automatic machine production technology in the industry to produce the company's Ergotech series plastic machines

prior to the announcement of the news, zhuyoudemag recently decided to sell its shares in the Indian joint venture to the partner Larsen Toubro Ltd., headquartered in Chennai, India

Sumitomo said that it had sold these shares at the end of March, and said that "this move is made in accordance with our new global production strategy."

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