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In the first half of 2016, Nankang furniture achieved a great leap in export

in the first half of 2016, Nankang furniture achieved a great leap in export

August 11, 2016

in addition,

[China paint information] on August 10, it was learned from the furniture industry promotion bureau of Nankang district that the furniture industry in Nankang District exported US $19.08 million from January to June this year, a year-on-year increase of 691.17%, realizing a great leap in furniture industry export, so it became more and more important in the injection stage

according to the introduction, in recent years, Nankang district has actively promoted wood import, furniture export and import and export trade, which has greatly promoted the internationalization process of Nankang furniture focusing on the development quality and efficiency. In 2015, the number of furniture import and export companies registered in Nankang increased to 135; The sales scope of Nankang furniture has been expanded to 31 countries and regions

in addition, the furniture industry has achieved a great leap forward in foreign trade, which is inseparable from supporting policies, supporting facilities and services, investment promotion, etc. Nankang district has formulated and issued preferential policies for attracting investment, focusing on giving a subsidy of 500 yuan per standard box for the import of timber declared and inspected in Ganzhou port, and giving a reward of 3.5 points (production type) and 2.5 points (trade type) per US dollar for the export of household testing material structures or composite materials, which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of Nankang furniture enterprises in carrying out foreign trade import and export

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